Airbnb Wants to Make a Movie Out of Vines

Launches video crowdsourcing campaign with Mullen

Count Airbnb among the brands experimenting with Vine marketing.

The travel accommodations website and agency Mullen San Francisco today launched "Hollywood & Vines," a campaign that aims to create a short film composed of six-second videos submitted by consumers online in what the brand is calling a first of its kind.

Starting at 8 a.m. today, Airbnb began using its Twitter account to solicit clips from its 160,000 followers. Each new request includes directions for a specific shot. The first set, for example, was "a paper airplane flies thru diverse landscapes, left to right. Show the best parts of where you live!" The second was "a paper airplane flies thru an urban area. It barely misses people on busy streets. No faces please!"

Airbnb will continue to roll out new prompts through Aug. 25 and will accept submissions through Aug. 27. Would-be contributors have 48 hours from each prompt to tweet their submissions to that prompt, with the hashtag "AirbnbHV," back to the brand. A running list of the shot prompts released so far is also posted at the campaign's website.

Ultimately, Airbnb plans to select and edit together the best of the submissions and then premier the final montage online and on TV, on the Sundance Channel. In its final form, the story will be about travel and adventure, according to Mullen.

So far, submissions include clips of paper airplanes crashing into cacti, a beach and flying over and a model of a city—as well as images of a paper towel cleaning up spilled marinara sauce.

Submissions that are selected will earn the entrant a credit in the film and a $100 credit toward an Airbnb stay.

Other brands recently seen toying around with the short-form platform include Tide, Volkswagen and General Electric. Research from social video tracker Unruly Media has shown that branded Vines are four times as likely to be shared as longer-form branded videos.

Today, Red Bull grabbed some attention with a clip posted on Vine competitor Instagram, featuring one of the energy drink's endorsers quite literally jumping off a cliff

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