Airbnb Reveals Plan to Celebrate ‘Superhosts’

Community feedback leads to refocus on hosts

Airbnb revealed a plan Thursday to recognize exemplary hosts after gathering feedback from people who rent their homes out on the popular site.

The company isn't giving away many details. But it will roll out a “Superhost” program in the next few months, designed to reward hosts who receive “stellar reviews that reveal exemplary skills in hospitality.” It also promised tools to help hosts track performance and manage calendars, and to “be more consistent in our communication about new features and programs.

“Last year we previewed a program designed to celebrate and recognize hosts who distinguish themselves in our community,” Airbnb stated on its blog. “Since then, we’ve done lots of research to find out what, exactly, makes someone a Superhost.”

The news comes a month after the company released its new logo, which sparked Internet chatter about its resemblance to sex organs. The San Francisco-based company, which reports serving more than 17 million guests worldwide, said the launch of its new look led to “an important shift in how we use community feedback to make product plans."

Specifically, Airbnb heard from more than 3,000 people in its community over the past month before announcing the upcoming improvements. In a June blog post, Chip Conley, head of global hospitality and strategy, said he taught classes to hosts in 15 cities and found they were receptive to the Superhost idea.