Air Force Cutbacks

The Georgia Department of Transportation has started an agency search to consolidate several campaigns promoting clean air.
Though the consolidation will save the state money, the new account, officially called “The Air Quality Improvement and Congestion Mitigation Campaign,” will be a larger piece of business for the winning agency. The state department has budgeted $4 million for advertising in 2000, with $1 million annual increases earmarked for the following two years.
Marta Rosen, the state’s transportation planning administrator, said that unlike many Georgia reviews, the GDOT search is open to any agency “that can really help us,” not just in-state shops.
“We want the best qualified, someone who has a team with experience and who understands the purpose of what we’re trying to accomplish . . . Creativeness [that will] raise consciousness and establish to the public why they should car pool and change their behavior.”
Atlanta’s heavy traffic volume continues to plague the city. The federal government recently froze matching funds for additional highways until air quality is improved.
The GDOT can be contacted for requests for proposal, which were sent out last week. A candidates’ conference is scheduled for Friday, with proposals due Jan. 7, 2000. Notification of up to five finalists will be made Jan. 14, followed by presentations Jan. 18-19. Plans call for a winner to be named on Jan. 20.
Agencies now working on clean air campaigns include Fletcher Martin, The Morrison Agency and Turner Fernandez Turner, all Atlanta. K