Aimed at audiences of TV show Fawlty Towers,

Aimed at audiences of TV show Fawlty Towers, rather than When Harry Met Sally fans, a U.K. campaign for has traded romantic comedy for slapstick yuks. The three-spot campaign, by Hanft Raboy & Partners in New York, follows a January campaign for U.S. audiences. The ads, directed by Jim Hosking of Partizan Midi Minuit, show interpretations of love’s side effects. In one ad, a couple kissing can literally not separate. “Being inseparable, a common side effect of being in love,” the voiceover concludes. Another common side effect: going weak at the knees. The U.S. work took the emphasis off the process of online dating and onto the endgame. In one, a jilted romantic stormed a football game with the words “Forgive Me Andrea” on his chest. “In the U.K., those may have been a little too sentimental for them,” says Doug Raboy, managing partner, creative director. “They’re more willing to laugh at themselves.”