Agilera Ads Go to TV

HSR’s Campaign Stresses Agility, Strength
CHICAGO–HSR Business to Business translates its printwork for software application provider Agilera to television in an effort to “up the ante” in the print-heavy category, the shop’s lead creative said.
The campaign is tagged “Run with the swift. Stand with the strong,” and is intended to show Agilera as a client offering both stability and agility, said Tom Rentschler, creative director at the Cincinnati shop. Spending was estimated at $5-10 million.
Denver-based Agilera did not skimp on production, giving the go-ahead for the agency to enlist Digital Domain for two spots that break Aug. 21 on cable stations CNBC, Headlines News and CNNfn and run through the first week of September. The campaign will be suspended in the fall and early winter to sidestep the summer Olympics and presidential election, then resume with a
possibly expanded schedule early next year.
One spot shows a hummingbird that lands on a boulder, then takes wing and lifts the huge rock with it. A second has whales swimming gracefully and in synchronization underwater. A voiceover says, “The agility to change course quickly, the stability to stay focused on your core strengths.”
“We started to look for metaphors, things that maybe were incongruous and produce a surprise,” Rentschler said.
A print campaign along the same lines has been running in business magazines. K