This Agency Quickly Delivered 18 Million Targeted Impressions for CVS Pharmacy

Sway Group finds social influencers who get results

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Who Sway Group partners (l. to r.) Allison Talamantez, president, business development; Danielle Wiley, CEO; Joni Richman, general counsel; Tiffany Romero, president, influencer management; Francesca Banducci, COO

What Social agency

Where San Francisco

While a bevy of social influencer networks have popped up in recent years, Sway Group wins clients like Wells Fargo, Home Depot, Kimberly-Clark and CVS with more than just digital buzz—it produces results from a lucrative millennial demographic. "Our network is open to anyone, but definitely skews very heavily female," said Sway Group chief executive Danielle Wiley. "Over 90 percent is female."

For instance, in the case of CVS, the agency zeroed in on females aged 18-24 for last year's Video Music Awards. In the hour leading up to the VMAs, a Sway Group influencers set, led by style blogger Mimi Goodwin, generated branded chatter—with a strong focus on Instagram—about the varying fashion looks appearing during the show's red carpet ceremony, using a #LooksThatRock hashtag. The pharmacy achieved 17.6 million consumer impressions—with the lion's share delivered to the brand's coveted Gen Y female audience.

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.