Agency Misses the Point

MADISON, WIS. – Lindsay, Stone & Briggs here, which has produced quirky, humorous advertising for Stevens Point Brewery’s Point beer, is now in the market for another beer brand.
Barton Beers, which bought the Point brands a little more than a year ago, split with the agency earlier this month after what an agency official termed as a difference in opinion as to which direction to market the Point Special brand. Although it wasn’t clear where the brands will end up, Barton said CME-KHBB/Chicago is currently handling the brands. CME handles the majority of Barton’s beer brands including Corona Extra.
Barton senior vp/marketing Thomas McNichols could not be reached late last week.
‘We felt that we weren’t on the same track with them,’ said Howard Cosgrove, vp/public relations for the agency. ‘We just finished up our last project for them, and will be looking for something else in the category to replace the business.’
Although the account billed only around $1 million in Wisconsin markets, insiders expect Barton to try to extend its popularity outside the dairyland, possibly making it more of a regional brand.
Lindsay, Stone & Briggs is known for its print campaign, which showed an older man with a pointed head holding a Point beer.
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