Agency: HMS Hallmark, Columbus, Ohio CD: Steve Fec

Agency: HMS Hallmark, Columbus, Ohio CD: Steve Fechtor AD: Rocco Volpe CW: Jason Schmall Agency prod.: Lisa Burke Prod. co.: Moxie Dir.: Pam Thomas Editor: Barney Miller, Ohio Edit Music: tomandandy

In this striking, mostly black-and-white ad, the color blue appears when the word “chose” is used. A little girl “Chose to be brave” by visiting a doctor. A young boy “Chose the green cast” after a skateboard accident. A wheelchair-bound man “Chose to keep playing” basketball. And a couple of elderly fellows “Chose not to age quietly”—they don wet suits and go surfing. Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield offers “more doctors, more hospitals, more of what matters to you,” says the VO. Tagline: “Decide to be healthy.”

Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day, Playa del Rey, Calif. CDs: Ken Segall, Duncan Milner AD: Susan Alinsangan CW: Neal Hughlett Agency prod.: Anh-Thu Lee Asst. prods.: Terry Davis, Carrie Schaer Prod. co.: Coppos Films Dir.: Mark Coppos Editor: Brad Wetmore, Mad River Post Music: Cream

Dramatic white lighting and a spinning iMac mesh perfectly with Cream’s classic “White Room.” The color of this computer is “snow” (the other new hues include ruby, sage and indigo). Evidently, Best Spots’ blueberry iMac has been officially declared a fossil.

Agency: D’Arcy, N.Y. ECD: Graham Woodall Group CDs: John Murphy, Simon Hunt AD: Jackie Push-Leak CW: Laura Mizrahi Agency prod.: Nadia Blake Prod. co.: Cucoloris Dir.: Danny Ducovny Editor: John Mallernan, Chinagraph Music: Mario Grigorov, Amber

Visual (soft-focus shots): A mother and daughter paint each other’s toenails. VO: “That pretty purple toenail is one greasy pot. … Since Dawn is the fastest and best way to cut tough grease, you’ll find yourself with a little extra time on your hands.” Tagline: “We all need a little Dawn time.” It’s an interesting way to sell dishwashing liquid.

Agency: McCann-Erickson, N.Y. CD: Joyce King Thomas AD: Brian Billow AD: Robert Frost Agency prods.: Jonathan Shipman, Judi Nierman, Heather Wasser Prod. co.: Bedford Falls Dir.: Kevin Donovan Editor: Chris Hellman, Homestead Music: JSM

Entering a fellow’s apartment, a woman scopes out his photo wall—which features a few intriguing portraits. The man is pictured next to Evander Holyfield, Lassie, David Lee Roth (David Lee Roth?) and Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn’s “great,” he says. “What a cook.” VO: “Wish you could add a little something to your photographs?” Gateway will teach you all about digital photography.

Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago Group CD/AD: Bob Akers Group CD/CW: Ned Crowley Exec. prod.: Bob Carney Agency prods.: Ken Gilberg, Tom Keramidas Prod. co.: Moxie Dir.: Christopher Guest Editor: Chris Claeys, Cutters Music: Vanstoons Special effects: Espresso

With tiger markings painted on their faces, Joe and Tommy head into the woods to find their inner animal. In this clever spot, the two men learn how to wear Tony the Tiger’s red neckerchief. Who knew everyone’s favorite cartoon icon even wore that thing? This campaign is hilarious, and an animated Tony appears in each ad á la Alfred Hitchcock.

Agency: The Gepetto Group, N.Y. CD/AD/CW/Prod.: Chris McKee Prod. co.: Aardman Animation Dir.: Steven Harding Hill Editor: Martin Horseman, Rushes Music: To the Beat Productions

Reaching into a drawer, a clay-animated basketball player searches for the perfect look. Each mask is more horrific than the last—sort of Edvard Munch’s The Scream meets the grotesque medical staff in the Donna Douglas episode of The Twilight Zone (you know the one). VO: “Before you put your game face on, put your game shoes on.” Those would be Nike Triple-Double basketball shoes available at Kid’s Foot Locker.

Agency: Campbell Mithun Esty, Minneapolis ECD: Rick Gibson AD: Ann Brimacombe CW: Reid Holmes Exec. prod: Matthew Brenner Prod. co.: Atlas Pictures Dir.: Paul Boyd Editor: Mike Weldon Music: Big Foote Music

Two cars stop at a red light, and the occupants—a bunch of teenagers —jump out, strip to their undies and change clothes. Kids these days. VO: “So many great styles, there’s never been a better time to mix and match.” This ad, with its Chinese fire drill, promotes a clothing sale of Kmart’s Route 66 line. Hey, get your kicks on Route 66.

Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day, S.F. CD: Chuck McBride AD: Eric King Exec. prod: Jennifer Golub Prod. co.: Public Works Dirs.: Stephan Arnie, Siggi Kinski Editor: Fred Fouquet, Inside Out/Method Music: Gus-Gus

An ethereal photo-animation technique invented by two members of the Icelandic rock band Gus-Gus fuels this kinetic ad. With unrestrained joy, a couple dances to the beat of Gus-Gus’ synthesized pop. The spot sells Levi’s Engineered Jeans, with twisted side seams and asymmetrical pockets.

Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day, S.F. CD/CW: Chuck McBride AD: Eric King Exec. prod.: Jennifer Golub Prod. co.: Satellite Dir.: Spike Jonze Editor: Eric Zumbrunnen, Spot Welders Music: Marvin Gaye

Spike Jonze hides a camera in a clothing-store dressing room, pipes Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up” into the cubicle and captures the result on film. Know what? People do the darnedest things when they think no one’s looking. It’s a funny commercial, but more importantly, this could be the greatest outtake reel of all time.

Agency: Team One, El Segundo, Calif. ECD: Tom Cordner ACD/AD: Betsy Nathane CW: Dave Uible Agency prod.: Monica Bunch Prod. co.: Tool of North America Dir.: Chris Hooper Editor: Mark Goodman, Jigsaw Music: Elias & Associates

“What is it?” asks a customer at a roadside diner circa 1975. “It’s a latte,” says the counterman, adding, “Think of it: Gourmet coffee on every corner, people paying 50 cents a cup.” The customer takes a sip. “Sorry, man,” he says before leaving. VO: “Ever missed a great opportunity?” Don’t let the new Lexus lease and purchasing deals pass you by.

Agency: resource, Columbus, Ohio CDs: Mark Hillman, Brad Webb AD: Clay Haley CW: Mike Sanford Agency prod.: Tim Kramer Prod. co.: HKM Productions Dir: Michael Patrick Jann Editor: Avi Oron, Cosmo Street East

A man enters a kitchen and opens a refrigerator door. “So how’s the oil change going?” asks his wife. Super: “Saves $37.60 a year on oil changes.” When the man turns around, his face and shirt are drenched with oil. “Pretty good,” he says. Super: “Wastes $395.32 a year on car insurance.” offers instant insurance quotes.

Agency: McCann-Erickson, N.Y. CD: Joyce King Thomas AD: John Pearson CW: Amelia Rosner Agency prod.: Kelley Long Asst. prod.: Glen Carey Prod. co.: Picasso Pictures Dir: Andrew Higgins Live-action dir.: Philip Lihou, Frontier Pictures Editors: Tim Creon, Nice Shoes; Colin Wolf, Crew Cuts Composer: Sherman Foote, Big Foote

As an animated Curious George romps through this delightful spot, supers read: “Commuting: $82 every month … health club: $54 every month … Trading a checkbook for a storybook: priceless.” Use MasterCard instead of checks to pay monthly bills.

Agency: Deutsch, L.A. ECD: Eric Hirshberg ACD/AD: Vincent Picardi ACD/CW: Eric Springer Agency prods.: Candace Bowes, Jamil Bardowell Prod. co.: Dir.: Alan White Editor: Tom Muldoon, Nomad Music: Kool & the Gang

In a parking garage, two long-lost friends meet up. “Mark!” she exclaims. “Lisa!” he replies. “Wow, it’s been a while. You look great,” she says, adding, “Nice car. Looks like you’re doing well.” “Oh, yeah,” he sniffs. Of course, that’s when the real owner of the Eclipse shows up and drives away.

Agency: Foote, Cone & Belding, S.F. CD: Brian Bacino AD: Pieter Van Praag CW: Clark Morgan Agency prod.: Lisa Reynolds Animation co.: Will Vinton Studios Animation dir.: David Daniels Live-action dir.: Michael McNamara, Crossroads Films Editor: Will Vinton

“Someone’s gotta go over and find out the Bucs’ game plan,” says clay figurine Howie Long. Terry Bradshaw gets the job—and a free ride via a jock slingshot. Terry lands on the head of defensive lineman Warren Sapp, who bangs helmets with a teammate, squishing our little hero. These FOX guys are better in clay than in the flesh.

Agency: Lowe Lintas & Partners, N.Y. Chief creatives:Creative group head:Creative supervisor/CW:Sr. AD:Sr. prod.:Prod. co.:Dir.:Editor:Sound design:”Three games to two. Mr. Martin to serve,” says the tennis announcer. That’s exactly what Todd Martin does—right into the net. Out trots Chipper, the Jack Russell terrier puppy, to remove the ball. Thing is, the ball is bigger than the ball dog, and Chipper can’t move it. This ad promotes the RCA Championships.

Agency: Berlin Cameron & Partners, N.Y. CD: Lance Paull AD: Julio Pardo CW: Michelle Novella Agency prod.: Lisa Young Prod. co.: JGF Dir.: Jeff Gorman Editor/ Sound designer: Paul Kelly, Bug Editorial

Two dudes search for food. “Man, I’m so hungry I could eat a rat,” says one. “You won’t have to, bro,” says the other, and both fire arrows at unseen prey. “Deer kabobs tonight,” says the first. Make that shih tzu kabobs—the pooch is now a pin cushion. VO: “Want better advice? Get a pair of Reeboks with DMX technology.”

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Chicago Group CDs: Jeff Long, Andy Madorsky CD/AD: Mark Wiegard CW: Conrad Winter Exec. prod.: Don McNeill Prod. co.: MJZ Films Dir: Sean Thonson Editor: Luiz Langroff, Machette Composer: Anthony Marinelli, Music Forever

VO: “Know how to spot a DieHard battery owner? Look for their jumper cables.” Sure enough, the cables are used for other things—as clothespins, for fence-mending, to anchor a boat. VO: “How much do you trust your battery?” Beautifully crafted, this ad is a welcome jolt from an often brain-dead category.

Agency: Grey, N.Y. Sr. CD: Rob Baiocco AD: Brian Lefkowitz CW: Sean Burns Agency prods.: Linda Flanagan, Diana Gay Asst. prod.: Seth Gorenstein Animation co.: MTV Commercials/PSYOP Dir.: Todd Mueller Music: Cliff Schwarz Music

While the VO guy says things like, “Consciousness is that annoying thing between naps” and “A whisper is the fastest way to spread a secret,” striking liquid animation effects pulse onscreen. It all leads to “When your juices are going, you see life for what it really is. Have a Starburst, and let the real fruit juice do its thing for you.”

Agency: Peterson Milla Hooks, Minneapolis CD/AD: Dave Peterson CW: Amie Valentine Exec. prod.: Gary Tassone Prod. co.: Nonstop Pictures Dir.: Morten Sandtroen Editor: Brett Astor, Fischer Edit Music: Canned Heat

This spot is a psychedelic wonderland—which puts forth the idea that Target stores sell products from Meow Mix to animal prints, from Mr. Clean to school supplies. Also: Great use of a great song—”Let’s Work Together” by Canned Heat.

Agency: Arnold, Boston Chief creative: Ron Lawner Group CD: Alan Pafenbach AD: Will Uronis CW: Dana Sattewhite Agency prod.: Keith Dezen Prod. co.: Propaganda Dirs.: Tom Kuntz, Mike Maguire Editor: Jon Hopp, Jigsaw

After reading the owner’s manual, a guy runs into his house, grabs his wife (who’s painting her toenails), drags her out to the driveway and says, “Watch this.” He inserts the key into the door and the car’s four electric windows descend at the same time. The wife is not impressed, but you have to admire the guy’s spunk. Think back to the first time you saw electric car windows. Weren’t they cool?