Agency: The Alliance (Arnold and Crispin Porter Bo

Agency: The Alliance (Arnold and Crispin Porter Bogusky) Chief creative: Ron Lawner Group CDs: Pete Favat, Alex Bogusky ADs: Alex Burnard, Rob Hamilton CWs: Ari Merkin, Annie Finnegan Agency prod.: Amy Feenan Prod. co.: Villains Dir.: Ken Fox Editor: Andre Betz, Bug Editorial Music: Mike Hewer, Amber Music

Visual: Aerial shots of rugged canyonlands and a herd of horses in a corral. At ground level, close-up shots of the horses, then three people open the trunks of their vehicles and start dragging body bags, placing one on each animal. The stampeding herd is released from its confines, body bags in place. “Let’s see them put that in a magazine,” says one kid to another. Graphic: “What if cigarette ads told the truth?” This effective commercial proves that the Marlboro Man is dead. Will the publishing industry ever realize that tobacco clients pay in blood money?

Agency: OgilvyOne, Chicago ECD: Steve Diamond Group CD: Paul Norris CD/AD: John Gottschalk AD: Keith Cartwright CWs: Scott Murray, Josh Kemeny Dir., broadcast prod.: Monna O’Brien Prod. co.: MJZ Dir.: Craig Gillespie Editor: Janice Rosenthal, Amazon Music: AdMusic

In side-by-side cubicles, two men call their brokers. First guy: “Yeah, hi. I just have a quick question about placing a limit order … thanks a lot.” Second guy: “Sure, I’ll continue to hold. It’s only been 42 minutes.” No. 1 to No. 2: “Wanna grab lunch?” No. 2: “Lunch? No, I had lunch yesterday.” No. 1: “Telling you, bud. Switch to Ameritrade.” “Switch,” says No. 2, putting his phone on speaker (it plays a Muzak version of “Physical”). “And miss soft hits of the ’80s?” Graphic: “It’s not customer service until someone answers the phone. We respond. 24/7.” VO: “[Ameritrade] is how you get somewhere on Wall Street.”

Agency: Campbell-Ewald, Warren, Mich. Chief creative: Bill Ludwig CDs: Jim Gorman, Joe Puhy AD: Rich Weinert CW: Kathy Speck Agency prod.: David Haldeman Prod. co.: Steve and Linda Horn Dir.: Steve Horn Editor: Jim Haygood, Superior Assembly Music: Bob Seger

“My hands were steady, my eyes were clear and bright. My walk had purpose, my steps were quick and light,” sings Bob Seger. Yes, it’s a Chevy Truck ad—this time, though, without any beauty shots of the vehicles. Instead, this charming spot focuses on kids playing pee-wee ice hockey. “Go out there and skate hard,” advises the coach, and the youngsters comply. Although they flail at the puck and fall down a lot, the futility is finally rewarded with a game-winning goal. VO: “Imagine how dependable you’d have to be to carry someone’s dream.” Tagline: “Chevy Trucks. Like a rock.”

Agency: FCB Worldwide, Southfield, Mich. ECD: Bill Morden AD: Robin Chrumka CD/CW: Mike Stocker Agency prod.: Jack Nelson Prod. co.: Ritts Hayden/Spectre Dir.: Daniel Kleinman Editor: Steve Gandolfi, Cut and Run Music: Stephen Dewey, Machine Head

This special-effects-driven spot opens on dry land—the camera pans the San Francisco skyline—then quickly heads out to sea, where a flotilla of tugboats attach lines to the Golden Gate Bridge. In unison, the tugs pull at both sides of the structure. The cement foundation sways, suspension lines break and the bridge begins to take a new shape—the road is curvy. Three cars appear, and they glide along the “racetrack,” handling each curve smoothly and with ease. VO: “Introducing the new 200-horsepower Chrysler Sebrings. How will you challenge them?”

Agency: Hill/Holliday, Boston CDs: Tim Foley, Marty Donahue AD: Don Miller CW: Elvind Ueland Agency prod.: Tom Foley Prod. co.: Stiefel & Co. Dir.: Noam Murro Editor: Dave Gordon, Mad River Post Music: Thad Spencer, Asche & Spencer

Taking a break from work, a man saunters over to a park bench, removes his suit jacket, sits down and takes a sip of coffee. Sharing the bench, a woman checks him out. VO: “Try a smooth, mellow cup of Dun kin’ Donuts coffee and just be yourself for a moment.” The guy follows that advice, pulling off his toupee and revealing an Eddie Munster-like hairline. Still sharing the bench, the woman stares in amazement. Tagline: “Loosen up a little.” Conveying a feeling of relaxation, this commercial shows why coffee is America’s No. 1 addiction.

Agency: JWT/S.F. CD/AD: Greg Rowan CW: John Zissimos Agency prod: Freda Chan Prod. co.: Headquarters Dir.: Lloyd Stein Editor: Jim Hutchins, Nomad Music: Señor Amor, Asche & Spencer

A pudgy guy opens a refrigerator and grabs a meatball sandwich. When he closes the fridge door, the Grim Reaper is pointing at him. “It’s time for you to go,” says Grim. But the hooded spectre looks around the fellow’s kitchen and sees a number of Energy Star-labeled appliances. Impressed, the phantom of death says, “You care about saving energy and you care about saving money. I’ll probably get fired for this, but I’m going to let you slide.” Final joke: As the two new friends watch TV, the fat guy starts choking on a meatball. “Oh, man,” says the Reaper, who performs the Heimlich maneuver. Tagline: “Money isn’t all you’re saving.”

Agency: Ground Zero, Marina del Rey, Calif. CDs: Kirk Souder, Court Crandall AD: Arnie Presiado CW: Steve O’Brien Agency prod.: Heidi Hawkings Prod. co.: The A+R Group Dir: David Frankham Editor: Erin Nordstrom, Soul Productions

By the side of a lake, strange creatures (did aliens have sex with Alvin the chipmunk?) keep repeating “Y.A. Tittle, 63 yards.” They scatter when a fisherman approaches. Graphic: “Have you got the answer?” ESPN’s 2-Minute Drill is “the ultimate sports quiz show.”

Agency: BBDO, N.Y. Chief creative: Ted Sann Sr. ECD/CW: Michael Patti Sr. CD: Don Schneider AD: Andy Knipe CW: Tom Henvey Dir., TV prod.: Regina Ebel Exec. prod.: Hyatt Choate Dir. of music: Rani Vaz Prod. co.: The Best Picture Show Co. Dir.: John Stainton Editor: Sherri Margulies, Crew Cuts

“Now this is a fierce snake, the most venomous snake in the world,” says Steve Irwin. “One bite from him and it’s all over.” Of course, it bites him. “No worries, mate. Luckily, we’ve had the anti-venom sent from America via FedEx. In my line of work, if you’re not absolutely sure, you’re absolutely dead.” Sorry, Steve: The antidote was shipped via a different courier; it hasn’t arrived yet.

Agency: Porter Novelli, Washington, D.C. ECD: Jim Kingsley CD/CW: Liz FitzGerald AD: Allyson Hummel Agency prod: Emma Schleede Prod. co.: TAG Pictures Dir.: Beth Galton Editor: Kane Platt, Chinagraph Music: Matt Noble

Everyone knows flowers are beautiful things, but this lush ad proves they have a practical side, too. They can be used as a paperweight, a window treatment and as air freshener. Tagline: “Flowers. Alive with possibilities.”

Agency: Lowe Lintas & Partners, N.Y. Co-chief creative: Lee Garfinkel, Gary Goldsmith Creative group head: C.J. Waldman Sr. CW/ AD/Prod./Dir.: Dave Rakowiecki AD/CW/ Prod./Dir.: Kohl Norville Sr. prod: David Gerard Prod. co.: Crook Brothers Productions Editor: Dave Koza, MacKenzie Cutler

The TV announcer says, “He’s got to be feeling a lot of excitement right now. The years of preparation leading to this moment. His first attempt at this height … the liftoff … oh, no … he’ll have four more years to think about that one.” Visual: a man high jumps over the back of a sofa and onto the cushions—but he spills some beer. Graphic: “The two-point deduction.”

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, N.Y. CDs: Chris Wall, Steve Hayden AD: Chris Curry CW: Brendan Gibbons Agency prods.: Lisa Steinman, Lee Weiss Prod. co.: @radical. media Dir.: Len Dorfman Editor: J.J. Lask, Go Robot Music: Brian Banks, Ear to Ear

In Dakar, Senegal, Mamaty Mbengue prepares to lead her country’s women’s basketball team to Sydney. The local population knows and loves her—she’s the best player in Africa. “Maybe I’m a hero,” she says, “but I just want to be a simple basketball player.” Graphic: “Ten thousand local heroes. One place to find them all. (powered by IBM).”

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, N.Y. CDs: Susan Westre, Chris Wall, Steve Hayden AD: Jeff Curry CW: Jeff O’Keefe Agency prod.: Lee Weiss Prod. co.: Pytka Dir.: Joe Pytka Editor: David Bradley, Go Robot Music: Brian Banks, Ear to Ear

Five Scottish fisherman wonder, “Where’s Eric?” They speculate that he may have run up on some rocks, been swept overboard, drowned or been eaten by sharks. A stranger joins the conversation: “Maybe he sold his catch online from the boat. Maybe we’re on the cusp of …virtual marketplaces and frictionless economies.”

Agency: FCB Worldwide, Southfield, Mich. ECD: Bill Morden CD/CW: Mike Stocker AD: Robin Chrumka Agency prod.: Mary Kondrat Prod. co.: Piper Films Dir.: Danny Ruhlmann Editor: Eric Zumbrunnen, Spot Welders Visual effects: The Mill Flame operator: Phil Crow, The Mill Sound design: 750 Sound

Somewhere on the Serengeti, a Jeep Cherokee doesn’t want to disturb two nearby giraffes. So the driver makes a detour to avoid the animals—over the arc of the setting sun. It’s a simple, clever idea. Tagline: “Jeep. There’s only one.”

Agency: Hill/Holliday, Boston CD/CW/AD: Jonathan Plazonja CD/AD/CW: Todd Riddle Agency prod.: Scott Hainline Prod. co.: Tony K. Films Dir.: Tony Kaye Editor: Andre Betz, Bug Editorial

In this controversial ad, a lesbian couple picks up their adopted Cambodian baby girl at the airport. “Can you believe this?” asks Mom, holding the child. “What?” says the other Mom. “This. We’re a family.” Tagline: “Insurance for the unexpected. Investments for the opportunities.”

Agency: Merkley Newman Harty, N.Y. CDs: Andy Hirsch, Randy Saitta, Marty Orzio ADs: Bryan Burlison, Mike Rosen CWs: Scott Zacaroli, Jeff Bitsack Agency prod.: Chris Ott Prod. co.: MJZ Dir.: Victor Garcia Post/Telecine: The Mill Music: Tombe du Ciel

In this enchanting spot, people and things go ga-ga over a Mercedes. A man flutters into the air, parking meters throw money at the car, teapots puff their approval, a distinguished-looking couple’s eyes joyously pop out and the polka dots on a woman’s dress turn into hearts and drift away. Tagline: “The new C Class. Live. A lot.”

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Ore. CDs: Jim Riswold, Hal Curtis AD: Andy Fackrell CW: Kash Sree Agency prod.: Alicia Hamilton Prod. co.: Propaganda Films Dir.: Dante Ariola Editor: Angus Wall, Rock Paper Scissors Composer: Ren Klyce, Mit Out Sound Music: Soundtree Music

At a French circus, an elephant lays dying. Suddenly, a group of cyclists rides by. It’s Lance Armstrong to the rescue! He gives the beast mouth-to-trunk resuscitation, reviving the creature. Question: “Why sport?” Answer: “Healthy lungs.”

Agency: SicolaMartin, Austin, Texas ECD/ CW: Steve Martin CD/AD: Dan Lynch Agency prod.: Natalie Lum Prod. co.: Rhythm & Hues Dir.: Bill Kroyer Editor: Michael Theurer, Rhythm & Hues Music: David Bowie

Music: David Bowie’s “Changes.” Visual: Fish in separate bowls trying to “connect” with each other. VO: “In today’s Net economy, companies are struggling to change, struggling with the complexities of e-business, with making intranets and extranets work together across any platform.” Novell software can make it all work as one. Final scene: fish together in a giant tank.

Agency: Messner Vetere Berger McNamee Schmetterer/Euro RSCG, N.Y. CDs: Phil Silvestri, Rich Roth AD: Greg Cerny CW: Sean Looney Exec. prod.: Sidney Rothberg Agency prod.: Dave Evans Prod. co.: Velocity South Africa Dir.: Keith Rose Editor: Ian MacKenzie, MacKenzie Cutler Music: Kittie

A man makes his own CD for the woman in his life. When she comes by for dinner, he plays it. “Let me call you sweetheart. I’m in love with you,” sings a voice from the bowels of hell itself. But she digs it and both start grooving to the music. VO: “Philips CD recorder system. Burn it. Play it.”

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, Ore. CD: Rob Palmer AD: Bill Karow CW: Mark Fitzloff Agency prod.: Jennifer Fiske Prod. co.: M-80 Dir.: Tenney Fairchild Editor: Peter Wiedensmith, Joint Music: Power Music

During the taping of “Sunrise Shapeup,” the boom-mic guy can’t keep it up—to the detriment of the aerobics hostess. VO: “Mornings are tough. Fortunately, there’s a great-tasting Harvest bar from PowerBar, a high-energy mix to help you power through your morning.”

Agency: Foote, Cone & Belding, S.F. Group CD/CW: Brian Bacino CD/AD: John Benson Exec. prod.: Steve Neely Sr. prod.: Tom Wright Prod. co.: Moxie Pictures Dir.: Pam Thomas Animation dir.: Larry Bafia, PDI Editor: Adam Pertofsky, Rock Paper Scissors Music: Elias & Associates Sound designer: David Van Slyke, HUM

Sega games can now be played online—vs. anonymous opponents. VO: “Play NFL 2K1 and cream four meatheads you’ve never met. Play NBA 2K1 and school some farmboy who’s out suffering the scent of livestock. Play Quake3 and waste some Jersey punk from the sanctity of your own home.” The visuals are appropriately manic.

Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day, S.F.. CD: Chuck McBride ACDs: Eric King, Scott Wild AD: Tom Gilmarting CW: Neil Levy Agency prod.: Julian Katz Prod. co.: Propaganda Films Dirs.: Kuntz & Maguire Editor: Stephen Jess, Lost Planet Visual effects: Jerry Steele, Steele VFX

“To create the most realistic football games means working with the pros,” says a game tech. “Sometimes, that leads to problems.” Like trying to get a fumble clip from Rams star Marshall Faulk. “Just one fumble?” asks the tech. “I do not fumble,” replies Faulk. So the game guy throws a baby at the running back, who drops the ball to catch the kid.

Agency: Fallon, Minneapolis CD: David Lubars Group creative head/Dir.: Scott Vincent AD: Craig Duffney CW: Allon Tatarka Agency prod.: Joe Grundhoefer Prod. co.: Hungry Man Editor: Charlie Schwartz, Fischer Edit Sound design: Carl White, Echo Boys Music: Chameleon Music

In the battle for “school supremacy,” the 2000 Gophers take on the university’s 1960 national-championship football team. Of course, the 1960 players are cigar-smoking 65-year-olds. The kickoff goes to a geezer riding a motorized cart. The tackle is ugly. Graphic: “2000 Gophers. Better than the 1960 champs?”

Agency: BBDO, N.Y. Chief creative: Ted Sann ECD: Jimmy Siegel AD: Phil Jungmann CW: Michael Aimette Assoc. dir,. TV prod.: David Frankel Prod. co.: Headquarters Dir.: David Cornell Editor: David Lee, Crew Cuts West

A minister speaks from the pulpit: “We’re all one family, one team … one football team driving down Soldier Field.” The rev is listening to the Bears game through a concealed earphone. There’s “1:13 left on the clock and no timeouts because the coach stupidly used them up.” It seems the padre purchased the earphone at a Chicago electronics store, which takes Visa, not AmEx. Tagline: “Visa: It’s everywhere NFL fans want to be.”

Agency: Arnold, Boston Chief creative: Ron Lawner Group CD: Alan Pafenbach AD: Tim Vaccarino CW: Shane Hutton Agency prod.: Bill Goodell Prod. co.: Bruce Dowad Associates Dir.: Robert Logevall Editor: Paul Kelly, Bug Editorial Special effects supervisor: Bill Denahy

The reflection on a car’s hood shows highway traffic, pedestrians, traffic signs, bridges and a restroom—into which the driver sprints. VO: “Imagine blue on 10 cups of coffee. Vortex, a new color for the new Beetle.”