An agency

In a year that has seen Fallon drop “McElligott” and Campbell Mithun drop “Esty,” it should come as no surprise that two more Minneapolis agencies have decided to shorten their names.

Both Periscope and Kerker have dropped “Marketing Communi-cations” from their names, deciding, like Cher and Madonna, that a one-word name is all they need.

Diane Norman, Kerker’s director of new business development, said dropping the two words gives the agency a chance to focus on overall branding for its clients and itself.

Periscope president Greg Kurowoski ex-plained, “Our rationale is really simple—we’re first and foremost in the idea business. Having ‘Marketing Communications’ in our name seemingly placed too much emphasis on the implementation side of the equation.”

Not to mention proving a mouthful for receptionists.