Agencies Get Questionaires from Pfizer

NEW YORK Pfizer sent out questionnaires Wednesday to roster and non-roster agencies concerning three of its drug brands previously handled by Deutsch, the client confirmed.

Sources said the RFPs are due back March 21 for its Zyrtec (allergy), Zoloft (anti-depressant) and Bextra (pain reliever) brands. The New York client’s questionnaires list projected “marketing communications spending” for each brand as being “in the range of $50 to $75 million,” sources said. The review is for direct-to-consumer advertising.

Pfizer and Deutsch in New York parted ways last month when the agency balked at disclosing to the client what it considered proprietary compensation information [Adweek Online, Feb.12].

Separately, some agencies are being invited to pitch ideas for Pfizer’s Celebrex arthritis drug, a $70 million DTC account now handled by J. Walter Thompson [Adweek, March 7]. Grey Healthcare handles the professional advertising for Celebrex. It could not immediately be determined if that agency received a Celebrex questionnaire. Client representatives could not immediately be reached for comment.