A&G Unveils First Work for Icelandic Bank

BOSTON-The natural beauty of Iceland is used to dramatic effect in Allen & Gerritsen’s first branding campaign for FBA, an Icelandic investment bank that provides large and midsized firms with a range of financial services.
The broadcast and print effort explains how FBA helps Icelandic companies compete worldwide, transforming the nature of business in Iceland.
In the past, Iceland’s economy was dependent on the forces of nature, as fishing, farming and geothermal power were the prevalent forms of commerce. Today, its chief resources are ideas and human capital.
“The campaign dramatically makes this point by positioning people in the grandeur of nature’s landscapes: the sea, waterfalls, glaciers,” said Mick O’Brien, creative director of Allen & Gerritsen in Watertown, Mass.
In a 60-second TV spot, a voiceover begins, “Throughout history, the Icelanders have learned to use nature to survive.” People in raincoats and business suits stroll along beaches and rocky outcroppings while waves pound the shore. The narrator continues: “Today there’s a new power . . . The power of ideas, of financial freedom. It’s a power that promises to do what nature has done: Take our economy to new heights.”
The TV spot and a trio of print ads are breaking this month in Iceland. The effort may eventually be expanded into other European markets where FBA does business.
Overall spending was estimated in the low seven figures when Allen & Gerritsen picked up the account [Adweek, Dec. 14, 1998]. ƒ