A&G Unveils First Campaign for Horizon’s Edge

Allen & Gerritsen’s debut work for Horizon’s Edge Casino Cruises employs humor to entice potential players to take a chance on the gaming boat.

A trio of 60-second spots and print executions introduce the tagline, “Don’t miss this boat.” Executions will run throughout the greater Boston area.

“We created scenarios when missing the boat would be a big mistake,” said Doug Chapman, creative director at Watertown, Mass.-based Allen & Gerritsen.

In one radio spot, a group of men are chatting at a “support group” meeting about how to better communicate with their wives. One man laments that he had to sleep on the couch after making his wife miss a Horizon’s Edge Cruise. He says: “Last week I tried to take my wife on that Horizon’s Edge Casino Cruise. But I was, you know, late as usual, so I made us miss the boat.” In another spot, a man tells St. Peter at the gates of Heaven that his one regret in life was making his wife miss a Horizon’s Edge Cruise. He says: “I’ll never forget that misery as long as I live.”

In cab-top executions, a line reads: “The boat cost us $10 million. Even more if you have a hot streak.”

An attempt was made “to reach as many people as possible to get as many passengers as possible,” said Dan Carnevale, vice president of sales and marketing at Horizon’s Edge Casino Cruises. “Our goal was to drive traffic to the boat when they relaunch this spring,” said Chapman. Cam Media, Lynnfield, Mass., handles media chores; spending was not disclosed.

The Horizon’s Edge is a 186-foot yacht anchored in Lynn, Mass. The boat takes passengers on a cruise out to International Waters (where gaming is legal) and also features live entertainment, dancing and a gourmet buffet. Horizon’s Edge is looking to boost attendance from last year, when 60,000 passengers sailed during the season, which runs from April to January.