A&G Positions Exeter Health In Print, Radio

BOSTON(Eth)In its first branding campaign for Exeter Health Resources, Allen & Gerritsen portrays the client as being right “for every day of your life” in copy-intensive print ads.
The campaign broke last week in newspapers and on radio stations in New Hampshire. Spending was not disclosed but is believed to be in the low seven figures.
Each of four monochrome print ads emphasizes a different stage of life, from childhood to old age. The copy of each ad, superimposed in small type over the moodily photographed faces, describes the medical center’s offerings for the age group depicted.
In casting and shooting the ads, pains were taken to accentuate the resemblance between the four models, whose ages span some 60 years. “There is a remarkable resemblance . . . a feel of one person aging,” said Allen & Gerritsen creative director Mick O’Brien.
Though the type is somewhat tiny and intended to give the ads a memorable visual texture, “there’s a lot of information about Exeter in there,” O’Brien said. Even if consumers don’t catch all the words, “they still see a lot about what Exeter offers,” he said.
Four radio spots take a somewhat different approach. One offers a litany of health hazards–first- and second-hand smoke, rabies, herpes, HIV–and explains how Exeter can help. Another execution presents lifestyle dangers, such as flipping over the handlebars of a mountain bike, and recommends Exeter for immediate treatment and longer-term care. Product-specific ads are in the works.
O’Brien and Doug Chapman served as creative directors. Mike Davis wrote the copy. Marcy Levey handled print art direction, and Richard Schultz was the photographer.