A&G Operates on Knowledge

Sutured Images Mark Print Campaign for Genzyme Division
BOSTON–Attempting to raise the creative bar in medical advertising, Allen & Gerritsen has fashioned a print campaign for Genzyme Surgical Products that features flowers and fruit and touts a product designed to reduce post-surgical scarring.
One execution shows su-tures across the skin of a shiny green apple. “An apple a day won’t keep the adhesions away,” copy begins. “Use Seprafilm, and cut down on adhesions.”
A second ad shows a rose in close-up with the text, “Life doesn’t have to be a bed of adhesions … Use Seprafilm. Then stop and smell what life can be like.”
The campaign introduces the tagline, “Operating on knowledge” and breaks this month in medical journals nationwide. Posters and some direct mail pieces have also been produced. The budget was not disclosed.
The Seprafilm product itself is a clear membrane placed over sutures following surgery. Genzyme claims it reduces adhesion scaring and can lessen potential complications. Seprafilm is eventually absorbed into the skin.
In crafting the campaign, Allen & Gerritsen’s creative team
attempted to explain the benefits of an advanced biotech product without resorting to scientific jargon or showing flesh riddled with adhesions, said Doug Chapman, creative director of the Watertown, Mass. agency.
An effort was made to use “elegant, beautiful visuals to bring what Seprafilm does to life,” Chapman said. “The procedures are very delicate operations on delicate tissue. We wanted to show delicate surfaces as a way of bringing home that issue to the target audience,” he said.
Chapman and Mick O’Brien served as creative directors for the effort, which was written by Aaron DaSilva, with Brian MacDonald handling art direction. Beth Galton was the photographer. Genzyme’s surgical products division in Cambridge, Mass., tapped Allen & Gerritsen last year [Adweek, Oct. 18], and this campaign marks the agency’s first noteable advertising for the client.