A&G Debuts Media 100 Effort

Allen & Gerritsen has launched its first campaign for Media 100, consisting of print and direct marketing executions and a redesigned client Web site.

A print ad introducing the Marlboro, Mass.-based client’s 844/X product targets creative artists and content design teams at advertising and de sign shops and TV stations.

Introduced in Feb ruary, the 844/X is an audio-video content-editing system that will likely become the company’s flagship product. With the new campaign, Allen & Gerritsen hopes to establish Media 100 as a viable competitor to companies such as Avid Technology, which recently hired Clarke Goward for ad chores (Adweek, Dec. 17).

The ad features a close-up profile of a drooling baby’s face; text running along the length of the saliva drip reads, “Blend myriad layers instantly with 10-bit uncompressed quality throughout, with powerful, integrated editing, and with fluid, interactive workflow. Starting at $65,995 (with storage).”

The tag, “You’ll want one,” appears at the bottom.

The idea was to get potential users to “ooh and aah” over the product by listing its key features in an easy-to-read format, according to An drew Lewis, group creative director on the account.

“There was a lot of buzz surrounding this product,” Lewis said. “We thought the baby drooling was a fun and interesting way of tapping into that.” Research conducted by the shop showed that the target audience is eager for a product with the 844/X’s features at a reasonable cost.