After Pounding the Pavement for Hollywood Clients, This Agency Knows How to Get Things Done

Palisades Media Group perfects the art of the deadline


Who (L. to r.) President, COO Laura Jean Bracken; national video svp Bill McOwen; audio, local video svp Erin Morgan; digital marketing evp Arthur Chan; and chairman, CEO Roger Schaffner

What Full-service media agency

Where San Francisco and Los Angeles

Palisades Media Group started out in the movie business, where, according to founder and CEO Roger Schaffner, understanding that industry's needs has created an agency culture of quick delivery. The 92-person media agency, established nearly two decades ago with clients like Miramax and Fox Searchlight, has worked to broaden its business, hoping to shake the reputation that it only works with movie accounts. In 2010, when Schaffner brought in OMD general manager Laura Jean Bracken, the shop was able to broaden its client roster, adding, among others, Dropbox, Del Taco and Belkin International. Still, the deadline-intensive culture of working with film clientele remains. "From working on movies, where they call you at 11 in the morning and say they need something by close of business, you're used to getting it done," said Schaffner.

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