AFTER THE BOWL: Commercial Cowboys

As the dust settles from Dallas’ lopsided Super Bowl victory over the Buffalo Bills, which of the game’s stars can realistically look forward to fame and fortune in commercials? Before the game, the sports mavens in Foote, Cone & Belding’s San Francisco office put together their Advertisers’ Professional Scouting Report on the top prospects for product endorsements. Under the circumstances, we’ll skip the report’s analysis of the Bills players. Among the Cowboys, quarterback Troy Aikman did his prospects no harm by picking up game MVP honors, and FCB already had tabbed the country boy as ‘perfect for Dr Pepper, KFC, Copenhagen (his chaw of choice) or any other product with down-home appeal.’ As for running back Emmitt Smith: ‘Look for him on Wheaties boxes. . . . ‘ Michael Irvin, who caught two TD passes, already had won FCB’s praise as a ‘shoe-commercial personality’ – surely the ultimate accolade an athlete can win these days. And though Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson did get his famous hair mussed up at the end of the game, ‘whatever grooming aid Johnson uses, he should pitch it as an all-purpose miracle solution – hair mousse, waterproofer, lacquer, varnish, sealant, car wax, you name it.’
Copyright Adweek L.P. (1993)