Aflac’s Approach Must Evolve

BOSTON Aflac on Sunday breaks its latest commercial by The Kaplan Thaler Group. The 30-second spot, “Orangutan,” features—wait for it—an orangutan that, like other animals recently cast in the client’s ads, represents rival insurance companies. When asked about the coverage it provides, the simian swings from a light fixture, plays around in a box of packing materials and makes photocopies of its hindquarters. The simple point—that there’s no replacement for Aflac’s services or its iconic duck mascot—is effectively conveyed. And the duck makes a quacking cameo at the close of the spot, so its fans will get their fix. Still, the formula seems a bit tired. Now, if the orang has warned the factory employees, Planet of the Apes-Dr. Zaius fashion, with perfect elocution, not to make inquiries into non-Aflac coverage because, “You might not like what you find,” then we’d have an instant classic. Well, at any rate, it would’ve been more surprising and lively than the predictable monkeyshines actually on display.