AFG Provides Rental Car Pick-Up Lines

CHICAGO Enterprise Rent-A-Car will break creative this Thursday during the National Football League season opener on ABC showing more of the people who work and rent from the St. Louis company and less of the vehicles.

The first of five new television spots, via Avrett, Free & Ginsberg, New York, features a couple renting a vehicle to go to a football game. A car driven by an Enterprise employee pulls into the shot. The husband expresses surprise his wife rented from Enterprise for the big game, and that the company picks them up for free. They should be the No. 1 rent a car company, he says. When his wife retorts that Enterprise is the leading brand in the category, he flashes his No. 1 foam finger and asks how come they don’t have a bunch of these.

Other ads will play up other scenarios for renting from Enterprise, which had built its early business by offering replacement rides when customers’ cars were in the repair shop. Those plots might include a guy who wants to rent a luxury car for his college reunion; women co-workers who want a convertible for a weekend road trip; and a mom who needs a replacement car to take her kids to a soccer game. All executions will feature the pick-up service and the signature special delivery shot of the brown paper wrapped car. “Pick Enterprise, we’ll pick you up.”

“That’s their message: we’re a personable company and renting a car is not about you’re out of town and you need a car. There are other reasons why you need a car,” said Sal Del Giudice, executive producer at Co.Op Artists Media Cooperative, a New York-based production company that worked on the commercials.

While rivals like Hertz and Avis have opened more neighborhood centers and offer complimentary pick-up, Enterprise with 5,400 outlets—300 were added last year—has an office within a 15-minute drive of 90 percent of the U.S. population, according to the company.

Measured media spending was $48 million last year and $30 million through June 2004, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

—Brandweek staff report