Avrett Free Ginsberg last week won creative duties for the National Association of Variable Annuities after a three-month review. Billings are estimated at $15 million.

NAVA considered BBDO South in Atlanta and six other undisclosed shops to handle its ac-count, according to the client. A BBDO representative said the agency spoke with the client, but did not pitch the busi-ness.

KSL Media in New York, which along with AFG is owned by True North, was hand ed media duties without a review.

“We selected Avrett Free Ginsberg … because of their proven track record in creating highly memorable and persuasive messages for such clients as Meow Mix and Enterprise Rent-A-Car,” said Mark Mackey, CEO and president of NAVA.

For the past two years, NAVA, a Ralston, Va.-based nonprofit, has handled creative in-house. The client now seeks to make its variable an-nuities—retirement funds that combine mutual funds and insurance—more widely known and accessible, said Mackey.

In June, New York-based AFG will launch a national print and TV campaign targeting baby boomers.

Winning the new business “rounds out who we are,” helping to define the shop further in the financial-services cate-gory, said Frank Ginsberg, CEO and creative director. “NAVA has a tremendous opportunity to help perpetuate substantial incremental growth in [the] variable-annuity industry.”

AFG’s other financially oriented clients include the Financial Times and Fortis Insurance, which primarily offers health and life insurance.