AFG to Break Purina Cat Chow Ad

Purina Cat Chow is launching a new national TV spot that focuses on feline care during a cat’s life stages.

The 30-second ad, by Avrett Free Ginsberg in New York, breaks March 15 dur ing daytime network TV.

It opens with a woman bringing a kit ten home and introducing it to her two other cats, an adult and a senior. When the cats run away from the kitten, the concerned owner logs on to the Ralston Purina Web site, where she learns about feline behaviorists, mentors and veterinarians. At the end, all three cats play together, and the three Cat Chow products appear: Kitten Chow, Cat Chow and Senior Chow.

The new tagline adds the words “at any age” to last year’s tag, “Physical. Emotional. Complete. That’s the Pur ina Cat Chow way of life,” in order to “emphasize the life stages,” said Philippe Gousseland, AFG’s account director.

The reason for targeting people who treat their cats like fam ily: “Research,” said Gousseland. “We found it strikes the heart about how cat owners feel about their cats.”

The spot also reveals that while most people have one or two cats, three cats can coexist.

AFG’s Cat Chow spot from last year featured a woman playing with her new kitten and seeking info on the Web to find how Cat Chow could help the cat.

The client declined comment on the budget, but spent about $10 million in the first 10 months of 2000, per Competitive Media Reporting. AFG has handled the brand since 1972.