Affymetrix Is No. 1 in Ruder Finn Ads

BOSTON Ruder Finn has launched a print campaign for Affymetrix, a developer and manufacturer of genomic tools.

The New York independent crafted print and collateral work and handled media placement for the national effort. Print ads are running in Science, Nature and trade publications.

“The ‘Symbols’ campaign, with the ‘1’ as the lead symbol, reinforces Affymetrix’s leadership and ability to be ‘first’ in so many areas. We developed all the ads to be clean and feature focused, to mirror the precision and elegance of their products,” said John Gruen, senior vice president, director of advertising at Ruder Finn’s creative division.

“The campaign reflects the leading position Affymetrix has established in the scientific community and reinforces our corporate and product messages with the various audience segments we serve,” said Alan Dance, senior vice president of the Santa Clara, Calif.-based firm’s applications business unit.

Ruder Finn has handled the account for more than two years.