Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week


Geico ‘Camel’

Geico's "Hump Day" spot, which broke in May, has earned 15 million YouTube views. Given its success, it's not surprising Geico and The Martin Agency are trotting out the motormouthed mammal once again, in an amusing new cinema spot urging people to silence their cellphones.


Coca-Cola ‘Roll Out Happiness’

Coca-Cola is here to save you from your drab urban existence with a red truck filled with bright green grass. In this new Coke ad from Wieden + Kennedy in Amsterdam, the truck rolls out the turf in a concrete square, filling it with color.


Foster Farms ‘Amazing Chicken’

Foster Farms chickens belt out some '80s hits in comical new spots from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, which has been injecting humor into the injection-free poultry brand since 1993.


GoPro ‘Fireman Saves Kitten’

They say you can't manufacture viral videos, but of course you can. You take someone else's video, in which your product is the star—in this case, the first-person GoPro Hero3 footage of firefighter Cory Kalanick pulling an unconscious kitten from a Fresno, Calif., fire—and you put your logo on it.


Absolut ‘Transform Today’

The transformative power of art can change the world. But can it change your world? Absolut tells millennials that it can in a 90-second brand film featuring four young artists.


Intel ‘Look Inside. Jack Andraka’

Intel tells the story of Jack Andraka, barely a teenager, who decided to develop an early-detection test for pancreatic cancer after his uncle died from the disease.


Adidas ‘Basketball Is Everything’

D. Rose claims in this new Adidas ad that if you took away his money, the fame, lifestyle and all the flash, he would still have everything—because, he says, basketball is everything. But having all the rest seems pretty nice, too. (Also: Happy birthday, Derrick.)


Microsoft Surface ‘Frames’

Instead of using catchy tunes and acrobatic dancers to show off its Surface tablet, Microsoft tries a new tack: highlighting the device's many uses by showing people actually using it.


Enjoy Illinois ‘Mini Abe’s Spontaneous Fall’

You have to hand it to the Illinois Office of Tourism and JWT Chicago. They're not being overly precious with the image of Abraham Lincoln. See him shriek his way through the state in this odd, hilarious spot.


Dr Pepper ‘1 Fan – Justin Tucker’

Who would have thought that Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker could sing opera in seven languages? It's an installment of Dr Pepper's "One of a kind" campaign, which includes a number of videos with other notable figures who have interesting stories to tell.

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