Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week


Burger King ‘Satisfry Everyone’

Everyone seems pretty excited this week about Satisfries, the new lower-fat, lower-calorie french fry at Burger King—no one more so than the characters in the first commercial for the menu item.


SportsCenter ‘DaDaDa’

A new 60-second spot for ESPN's SportsCenter features a range of athletes, from amateurs to pros, singing the "DaDaDa, DaDaDa" sound that plays at the beginning of SportsCenter broadcasts as they perform impressive feats in their sports.


Adobe ‘Click, Baby, Click’

A new spot for Adobe humorously makes the case that the Marketing Cloud's suite of services can help you avoid disastrously misinterpreting your customer data—and give you a better handle on just who, exactly, is clicking on those banner ads of yours.


Ikea ‘Teddy’s Speech’

Like so many other family-oriented Ikea ads, the company's new spot stars a precocious-but-not-cutesy child (the titular Teddy). But rather than using Teddy to show how much easier life can be with the proper Ikea furnishings, it revolves around a simple message: Your home is a place for living.


Patrón ‘Painting’

After years away from TV, Patrón is rolling out four impeccably designed 15-second spots from Cramer-Krasselt that reveal facts about the product that make it so unique—from its distinctive bottles to its ingredients.


Mercedes-Benz ‘Magic Body Control TV’

Once again, subservient chickens make a branding video go viral. Mercedes-Benz and German agency Jung von Matt/Neckar are nearing 1.5 million views in less than a week with this extremely offbeat ad.


Tui Brewery ‘Plumbed With Beer’

Those jokers at Saatchi & Saatchi and Tui Brewery have a viral hit on their hands, notching more than 5 million views in about a week for various versions of a video that shows some New Zealand dudes pranking a pal by rigging the plumbing in his house so that every tap dispenses beer.


New York City Ballet ‘New Beginnings’

Most of the brand talk around 9/11 this year was about marketers doing it wrong. But DDB New York and the New York City Ballet quietly did it right with a wonderful tribute called "New Beginnings," intended as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and a tribute to the future of the city.


Moto X ‘Lazy Phone’

An odd but effective new spot for Moto X, part of Droga5's "Lazy Phone" series, parodies the shortcomings of the iPhone's voice recognition software.


Doritos ‘The Crash Ambassador’

Crash the Super Bowl is back! And this year it's global. Can anyone make an ad? Yes, of course anyone can make an ad. Making ads is easy!