Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week


JetBlue ‘Air on the Side of Humanity’

JetBlue Airways is launching a big new ad campaign from Mullen with the theme "Air on the Side of Humanity." But its big star isn't even human—he's a pigeon.


Volkswagen ‘Feeling Carefree’

A-ha's famous video for "Take on Me" inspired this fun new Volkswagen spot by Deutsch LA. Like the original, it was rotoscoped—meaning they filmed the actors and the cars and then animated the results.


Poo-Pourri ‘Girls Don’t Poop’

Contradiction is the key to this brilliantly graphic online spot for Poo-Pourri, a toilet spray that eliminates odor—starring a beautiful woman with a refined British accent who has a complete potty mouth.


St. John Ambulance ‘Save the Boy’

Few client-agency teams do scare tactics quite as well as St. John Ambulance and BBH London. Their latest spot again hinges on the element of surprise, and contains a lesson about the value of first aid training.


TrueMove ‘Giving’

Looking for a tear-jerker today? Thai mobile company TrueMove has you covered with this story of a noodle seller whose generous act toward a young boy with a sick mother brings unexpected rewards 30 years later.


Axe ‘Hair: The Natural Look’

In a new series of spots from BBH London, Axe asserts that women will fall for a guy with one of four distinct male hair tropes—and offers complete step-by-step instructions and the specific Axe product needed to achieve them.


McAfee ‘Justin vs. Justincredible65’

Are you a reasonably sensible person offline, only to act naive, stupid or flat-out reckless on the Internet? You can save yourself with a whole new suite of McAfee services called LiveSafe, which Venables Bell & Partners brings to life in three new spots.


Burlington ‘Here Comes the Sexy’

Burlington's new TV ads from Silver + Partners feature adults in public spaces oddly voicing their internal thoughts about their clothes and what they represent.


New Zealand Transport Agency ‘Blazed’

Children in New Zealand argue about whose dad is more irresponsible in this curiously amusing PSA about driving while stoned—the latest from Clemenger BBDO for the New Zealand Transport Agency.


Apple iPhone 5C ‘Designed Together’

Say what you will about the iPhone 5C—the ads for it are gorgeous and bubbly. Apple's new 5C spot is a 55-second jaunt through another candyland.