Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week


Pepsi Max ‘Test Drive’

The week's major viral spot was this Pepsi MAX ad, in which Jeff Gordon put on a disguise and took a car salesman for the ride of his life. The video isn't quite as real as it looks, but 15 million YouTube viewers didn't seem to mind.


Heineken ‘Déjà Vu’

The Heineken man will steal anybody's girl. But he feels safer doing so in New York City than in Vietnam or Nigeria, judging by this new spot from Wieden + Kennedy in New York.


Carlsberg ‘Friend Test’

Advertising is just getting mean lately with all the videos punking innocent people. Here, Carlsberg had guys call their friends in the middle of the night with a desperate cry for help.


Dick’s Sporting Goods ‘Every Pitch’

Has there been a better baseball commercial than this? Anomaly hits it out of the park with a single-take masterpiece for Dick's Sporting Goods.


Virgin Mobile ‘Retrain Your Brain’

Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips and Internet kittie Colonel Meow added some star power to this exceedingly strange spot from Mother in New York.


Old Spice ‘Meet the Wolfdog’

Old Spice's new marketing director is a shameless, talentless moron. He also a wolf. But that doesn't mean he's wrong. Wieden + Kennedy offers a great take on the absurdity of social-media marketing and the infallibility of CMOs in its latest kooky campaign.


Gatorade ‘The Path of the Lightning Bolt’

Gatorade has looked back at its storied history before. But TBWA\Chiat\Day goes back there once again, and adds some modern flavor too, in this inspiring spot.


Trefle ‘Paper’

Going paperless is great—until paper is the one thing you desperately need. An amusing reminder from this French paper ad by Leo Burnett.


Oreo ‘Life Raft’

Oreo went with "Whisper Fight" as its Super Bowl spot this year. This commercial was the other one being considered for the big game—a tale of friendship in crisis on the high seas from Wieden + Kennedy.


Converse ‘Shoes Are Boring. Wear Sneakers’

Anomaly presents an amusingly simple argument for wearing sneakers in this new ad. They're just less boring than other shoes.