Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week


Smart Fortwo ‘Offroad’

If there were a Crowd Pleasing Lions contest at Cannes, this Smart car commercial from BBDO Germany would have run off with it this year. It's a great little David and Goliath story about a Smart Fortwo that goes offroading, leading to all sorts of amusing sight gags—and a killer ending.


Nike ‘Leave a Message’

There are people who might actually want to congratulate LeBron James on his second NBA championship in a phone message. Wieden + Kennedy lets you do just that in a campaign launched last Friday, the morning after the Miami Heat put away the San Antonio Spurs for their second title in three years.


Discovery Channel ‘Shark Week 2013’

Remember when they fed the lamb to the T-Rex in Jurassic Park? The Discovery Channel's new ad for Shark Week 2013 is kind of like that.


Acura ‘Made for Mankind’

Epic yet quiet, Mullen's first commercial for Acura, touting the 2014 MDX, feels unusual for a car ad. Not until 37 seconds into the 60-second ad does a car appear, although it then remains on screen until the end.


Fanta ‘Official Sponsor of Fantasy’

Ad agency Jung von Matt/Neue Elbe and directing duo Alex & Steffen stage an orgy of CGI insanity, referencing various effects-driven fantasy blockbusters from the past 20 years, in this spot branding Fanta as "The official sponsor of FANTAsy."


DirecTV ‘Troll’

Lovable monsters have a proud history, from Shrek to Sesame Street. DirecTV adds another to the mix in a cinematic new spot from Grey, New York, one of three in a mini campaign showing how you can record DirecTV shows and watch them anywhere on any device.


Tap King ‘Is It Me You’re Looking For?’

You wanted a beer, but is it Lionel Richie you're looking for? Tap King makes good use of one of the most recognizable songs in history.


Optimum ‘Midwuls’

Mother New York made up a word, "MIDWULS," using the last seven digits of Optimum's phone number, and created an integrated campaign around it. MIDWULS, we're told, is "that incredible feeling that comes when you get a great deal on TV, phone and Internet" by signing up with Optimum.


Red Bull ‘Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate’

This seven-minute Red Bull video cements Scottish cyclist Danny MacAskill's standing as a badass brand spokes-man. It took 68 weeks over a two-year period to shoot this mix of fantasy, memory and dazzling bicycle stunts.


Apple ‘Making a Difference’

Apple speaks clearly and with great confidence in "Making a Difference One App at a Time," a 10-minute film by TBWA\Media Arts Lab that focuses on how third-party iOS apps can profoundly change people's lives.