Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week


Oreo ‘Daydream’

Kacey Musgraves, a country-music singer-songwriter from Texas, delivers her own take on Oreo's catchy "Wonderfilled" tune in "Daydream," a new spot from The Martin Agency.


Skype ‘The Impossible Family Portrait’

An immigrant from Uganda tells his story in "The Impossible Family Portrait," perhaps the most effective spot among Pereira & O'Dell's three new ads for Skype that tap directly into what makes the brand so important to so many people.


Ikea ‘One Room Paradise’

Ikea's creepy and captivating "One Room Paradise" music video shows how a mother doll and her son make the most of their small space. The soundtrack is a new version of an old Aretha Franklin song by up and coming soul singer Elayna Boynton, who recently found fame singing on the soundtrack for Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained.


Republic Wireless ‘That’s Just a Fact’

Get Republic Wireless, says one H. Bud Chadwickson—Southern gentleman, fictional bestselling author of And That's Just a Fact!, doctor of factuary arts, and linguistically florid spokesman for Republic's first national ad campaign from The VIA Agency.


Honda ‘Hands’

This two-minute spot celebrates the curious spirit that has made Honda the largest engine manufacturer and racing company in the world. The spot is called "Hands," which makes plenty of sense, and it's also one of those great, semi-wordless pieces that plays well no matter what language you speak.


Purina Beneful ‘Dog Goldberg Machine’

Deep Focus's commercial for Beneful dog-food brand is doggone adorable, especially the way those mutts manipulate toys, food tins and tennis balls to operate a Rube Goldberg device that ultimately spells out the tagline "Play. It's good for you" in dominoes.


Robinsons ‘Wimbledon 2013’

Four years after making it, BBH London finally added a proper ending to its now-famous Wimbledon commercial for Robinsons drinks in the wake of Andy Murray's historic victory.


Morgan Stanley ‘Anthem’

Morgan Stanley is charting the future of wealth management by looking back at public art made almost a century ago celebrating capitalism and the American Dream in their darkest hour—the Great Depression.


Safe Internet Banking ‘See How Easily Freaks Can Take Over Your Life’

Witness the cautionary prankvertising in this viral spot for a Belgian bank warning you not to give out financial information online.


espnW ‘Girls Like Us’

The first brand promo for the ESPN property espnW, this new spot, from agency 77 Ventures, broke Tuesday night during the premiere of the film Pat XO, part of the network's Nine for IX series.

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