Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week


Dick’s Sporting Goods “Every Snap”

Earlier this year, Anomaly and Derek Cianfrance teamed up for a brilliant baseball ad, all shot in a single take. Now, agency and director have teamed up for an equally arresting sequel—on the football field.


Cheerios “Nana”

Cheerios got a huge amount of publicity for its "Just Checking" ad, thanks to racists who flooded its YouTube page with hate. Here, Saatchi & Saatchi in New York gets back to business with a less controversial spot—but one that keeps love and family front and center.


OnStar “Checkup”

Lowe Campbell Ewald's new OnStar campaign is a visual treat: a pleasant jumble of quirky, rapid-fire storytelling and unexpected visuals. "Checkup," one of four new spots, is literally dreamlike, as a woman's peace of mind allows her to fly like a falcon.


Yahoo Fantasy Football “Entrance”

NFL star J.J. Watt, the AFC's Defensive Player of the Year last year, brings his enormous frame and even bigger sense of humor to Mother New York's new campaign for the fantasy-football game.


Thirteen “Meet the Tanners”

PBS programming is generally better than most of what you'll find on the tube—reality shows in particular. Here, CHI & Partners in New York continues its series of ads for New York City station Thirteen that invent horrible fake reality shows—then scold you for thinking they were real.


Old Spice “Architect”

Soap commercials from 1980s were brilliant—painfully earnest and ridiculously uplifting. Wieden + Kennedy in Portland, Ore., returns with another parody of such ads for Old Spice, this one starring the world's most hardworking yet inept architect.


Heineken “Departure Roulette”

Upon arriving at the airport, would you agree to drop your travel plans on the spot and board a plane to a more exciting destination—without knowing first where the place is? Heineken and Wieden + Kennedy in New York dared travelers to do just that last week with their inventive and terrifying "Departure Roulette" game.


T-Mobile “Rice”

Bill Hader has found his first paying job since leaving Saturday Night Live, and it's a pitchman role for T-Mobile in this new Publicis campaign. The best part? Hader is funny, but he's not even the funniest guy in the ads.


This Is SportsCenter “Rickie Fowler”

The young American golfer Rickie Fowler sure has a thing for orange. That's cute and all, but what if he's just color blind? This intriguing possibility is brought to you by the new SportsCenter ad from Wieden + Kennedy in New York.


Kmart “Yo Mama”

Kmart and Draftfcb have had several big advertising hits this year with "Ship My Pants" and "Big Gas Saving." Here, the retailer delivers another winner (though perhaps not quite as many YouTube views) with "Yo Mama," in which kids on a playground turn the traditional taunt into a compliment—thanks to their Kmart-shopping moms.