Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week


Microsoft ‘Get Going’

Microsoft's new email has amazing features and enables the most soaring personal projects, according to this high-octane spot from Deutsch.


Google Glass ‘How It Feels (through Glass)’

Is Google Glass a smartphone killer? That's yet to be seen. But this new demo video has people salivating for the augmented reality glasses.


Dell ‘Meet Thomas: Creator of an Alternate Universe’

District manager Thomas M. Wilks embarks on flights of fancy as he writes a graphic novel during his commute—with help from a Dell—in this Y&R spot.


Nascar ‘Twist’

Ogilvy tries to capture the drama of the racing sport, on and off the track, in its first work for the brand.


Geico ‘Piggy Pulled Over’

What is Geico's Maxwell doing driving on the highway? Don't ask. The point is, he's got Geico's new digital insurance ID card to show the police officer who pulls him over.


Kayak ‘Shag’

Miss those shiny, shiny floors? The dancing couple in this latest Kayak spot from Barton F. Graf 9000 certainly do.


Valege ‘Finally Together: Airport’

Boobs are ecstatic to be together in this gleefully ludicrous French ad for a push-up bra.


Adidas ‘Blow Up’

This Adidas spot from 180LA declared that Robert Griffin III is "all in for week 1" of the football season, although the injured athlete later clarified that he won't jeopardize his career to start the season opener.


Zoosk ‘Frog Kiss’

Kiss a frog, and it doesn't always turn into a prince. A gnarly reminder from dating site Zoosk.


PETA ‘Joaquin Phoenix Is Drowning’

Joaquin Phoenix sleeps with the fishes in this disturbing PSA showing the actor drowning—much as fish suffocate out of water.