Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week


New Era ‘First Changes Everything’

In a minute-long spot for New Era's "First Changes Everything" campaign—which honors Jackie Robinson and incorporates a Twitter hashtag—people on a New York City street tip their caps (or hard hats or fire helmets) as an unseen stroller passes by in slow motion.


Newport Beach Film Festival ‘Mandible’

RPA's campaign for this year's Newport Beach Film Festival wanted to celebrate the power of film to evoke the strongest emotions, despite being nothing but "particles of light" on a screen. The centerpiece, a horrifying seven-minute film about a sadistic dentist, directed by Tool's Erich Joiner and Robert Richardson, does just that.


Axe ‘Stairs’

BBH London and Blink director Tom Tagholm score with this latest, interestingly shot "Nothing beats an astronaut" spot for Axe's Apollo and Deep Space body washes, thanks to playful morning-after imagery.


Evian ‘Baby and Me’

Evian's infants were introduced by BETC Paris in 1998 with the beloved French spot "Water Babies," and made famous a decade later by the global "Roller Babies" spot (one of the most-watched ads ever on YouTube). Once again, they represent your gleeful inner child—but this time they want to dance with you.


Jaguar ‘Desire’

A 13-minute film from ad agency The Brooklyn Brothers and Ridley Scott's production company touts Jaguar's F-Type sports car. Homeland's dapper Damian Lewis plays a "delivery man," and the spot also features Shannyn Sossamon and Jordi Molla.


Land Rover ‘Roam Free Parkour’

Four Parkour athletes demonstrate feats of balance, fitness and gymnastics, meant to represent the "Above and Beyond" all-terrain, go-anywhere capabilities of Land Rover vehicles.


Legacy ‘Toxic Litter Everywhere’

As Earth Day 2013 again reminded us, environmental advertising is often not as engaging as it should be. But The Butler Bros. and Psyop do a fine job here of dramatizing an issue that likewise doesn't get the expert treatment it deserves.


Kimpton Hotels ‘Meet Mat’

In the boutique hotel chain Kimpton, every room comes with a yoga mat. And according to this amusing spot from Portal A, it's not just any yoga mat. It's an unbelievably persuasive, Fabio-like yoga mat whose mission is to "make all that stress melt away."


Temptations Cat Treats ‘Work it Kitty’

A (crazy) cat lady with a house full of felines get her furbabies to work out as part of a healthy lifestyle—which also includes tasty Temptations treats.


Kent’s Meats and Groceries ‘Bumbling Burglar’

The trend of using actual security-camera footage in ads continues with a Redding, Calif., grocery store setting video of a botched burglary to the theme from The Benny Hill Show.