Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week


Dove ‘Real Beauty Sketches’

In a touching (and product-free) advertisement for Dove's Real Beauty campaign, women are drawn twice by a criminal sketch artist—once as they see themselves, and once as they're seen by a stranger. The differences are stark.


Kmart ‘Ship My Pants’

It's not height of sophistication, but Kmart's "Ship My Pants" ad, a pun-heavy spot from Draftfcb, is having a great run on YouTube, with one share for every nine views.


Facebook Home ‘Launch Day’

This ad for Facebook Home brings the online distractions of one Facebook engineer to vivid, Jumanji-esque life. No one wants to hear Mark Zuckerberg talk, anyway.


Philips Norelco ‘I’d Date Me’

A little grooming goes a long way. In this spot for Philips Norelco, a hirsute fellow does a little manscaping, remarking on how attractive he's becoming by suggesting what he'd do to himself if he were an admirer.


Ikea ‘Time for Change’

Mother in London turns innocent lawn gnomes into a force to be reckoned with in this spot for Ikea, a two-minute war between a happy couple just trying to redecorate their patio and the forces of lawn-ornament evil.


Dos Equis ‘Handball’

Dos Equis tries different things with The Most Interesting Man in World, but the campaign's strength lies, and will always lie, in those inspired one-liners. In this new ad, he plays handball and deciphers hieroglyphics.


Taco Bell ‘First Kiss’

Taco Bell walks the line between cute and gross in its latest commercial, featuring a teenage boy going in for his first kiss in his parents' minivan. Is that first kiss even better if the girl is noshing on a Cool Ranch Doritos taco?


States United to Prevent Gun Violence ‘Ed’

In a gun control spot from Grey, a guy stalks past the cubicles of a nondescript office suite, raises his gun and fires at a managerial type. He then begins the laborious process of cleaning and reloading his musket-style weapon—the type of firearm widely used when the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified.


SportsCenter ‘CC Sabathia’

CC Sabathia is a large man, but at least he's got his slimming New York Yankee pinstripes. Comically fat-suited Scott Van Pelt isn't so lucky in ESPN's new "This Is SportsCenter" commercial from Wieden + Kennedy.


GE ‘Agent of Good’

Agent Smith from The Matrix reprises his famous role in this spot from BBDO New York touting GE's healthcare sector technology.