Adweek’s 2020 Out-of-Home Impact Awards Honor Klarna, Koalas and Comedy Central

Inaugural program also recognizes Amazon Prime Video, KitchenAid and the Coalition for Gun Control

Clockwise from top: Veuve Clicquot's NY murals, Klarna's dog-friendly wall, Fox's 3-D Lego unicorn, Amazon Prime Video's Jack Ryan rooftop ad LEGO, Klarna, Veuve Clicquot, Amazon Prime Video

While the Covid-19 pandemic has devastated numerous facets of advertising, it’s sparked a positive effect on the out-of-home industry. The Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) this month reported 45% of American adults say they’re noticing OOH ads more than before the pandemic began, while 68% said they’re tuning out of digital ads on their mobile devices due to screen fatigue. With consumers becoming more responsive to outdoor ads, marketers have an opportunity to get extra creative and set aside the necessary budget for their OOH efforts.

For the first time, Adweek is honoring the best in the industry with the Out-of-Home Impact Awards.

The inaugural program recognizes 14 campaigns from brands and nonprofits that stood out in their craft, strategy and innovation. From Klarna’s mural that offered chew toys for dogs to the Amazon Rainforest Conversancy’s stark reminder of climate change’s effects, here’s a look at the top-tier OOH campaigns from the past year.

Klarna | Who’s A Good Shopper? | DASH TWO, Los Angeles | Categories: Craft Grand Prix, Best use of murals, Best use of personalization

Known for its quirky advertising, Swedish payment app Klarna partnered with Dash Two, Los Angeles and 72andSunny to create a pink mural with illustrations of cartoon-like dogs for its 2019 holiday shopping campaign, designed to attract four-legged friends first, then humans. Located across from a dog park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the 90-foot-long, 13-foot-high installation was fastened with 910 chew toys for pets to investigate. While their dogs chewed and sniffed, owners were encouraged to snap photos of the mural to share on social media. Consumers could also scan the mural’s QR code, directing them to download the app and browse a list of dog items for purchase, curated by media platform the Dogist. Klarna reports more than 1 million app downloads occurred during the campaign’s four-week run. —Ian Zelaya

Veuve Clicquot | 5 Women. 5 Stories. 5 Boroughs. | Colossal Media | Category: Best use of illustration

Veuve Clicquot commissioned five women artists, one from each of New York’s boroughs, to create art for a fall 2019 campaign that paid homage to the city and celebrated the spirit of Madame Clicquot—the French businesswoman who took over the champagne business in 1805 after she was widowed at age 27. The brand tapped artists Megan Gabrielle from Manhattan, Allison Zuckerman from Brooklyn, Queen Andrea from Queens, Leah Tinari from the Bronx and C. Finley from Staten Island to design work capturing the essence of their boroughs. Colossal Media, Posterscope and Dentsu X helped translate the work into five massive murals in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which were bordered with the Veuve’s signature yellow and short artist bios. —I.Z.

Koalas of NYC | Cummins&Partners New York | Categories: Strategy Grand Prix, Best use of alternative materials, Best roadside campaign, Best nonprofit advocacy campaign (Tie with Truth Initiative’s Treatment Box), Best global campaign

When Australian wildfires were ravaging its forests at the start of this year, the New York office of Cummins&Partners, an independent agency headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, wanted to help its colleagues from afar. It began placing stuffed koalas on trees, lampposts and poles around New York to draw attention to the wildlife that has died as a result of the fires. Each stuffed animal directed passersby to a GoFundMe page where they could make a donation to an Australian rescue organization. The campaign quickly went viral and spread to other cities, helping the organizers exceed their donation target by 400%. —Minda Smiley