Adweek Vocabulary Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Marketing and Advertising Terms

Just how well do you know your industry jargon?

illustration of hand with old-fashioned pen filling out bubble sheets
After taking the quiz, be sure to check out Adweek's Glossary of Marketing Terms. Getty Images
Headshot of Jess Zafarris

What’s the difference between branded content and native advertising? Is that reality augmented or virtual? Does anyone really understand what blockchain is?

If you’ve ever caught yourself debating the distinction between B2C and DTC, you’re not alone. For your reference and edification, Adweek has compiled a Glossary of Marketing Terms complete with hundreds of helpful advertising words and phrases, along with their definitions.

But of course you, a seasoned and knowledgeable industry professional, hardly need such an elementary resource. After all, you already know all there is to know, right?

Put your experience to the test with the quiz below—and no peeking at the glossary until after you’ve finished!

@JessZafarris Jess Zafarris is an audience engagement editor at Adweek.