Adweek Unveils 3 Departments Featuring Insights, Data and Future-Forward Businesses

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In this age of inexorable disruption the embrace of rapid change has moved well beyond table stakes to become the basis for any chance of survival.

Adweek feels this pressure in our digital products on an almost daily basis. But we also have the privilege of producing a weekly magazine and that too must change in order to remain as competitive, relevant and profitable as possible. It's a car we have to fine-tune even as it speeds ever faster through the twisting roads of the brand-marketing ecosystem. So with that in mind, in this issue, our first of 2017, Adweek editor Lisa Granatstein is introducing three new departments—Whiteboard, Dashboard and Talent Pool—that truly reflect topics of crucial importance for our audience: role modeling success, data, insights, and talent acquisition and deployment.


Whiteboard will be an extension of the Trending department and will profile a future-forward business model of an agency, brand, media, consultancy or tech company, with a deep dive into how they are building on their strengths and shoring up their vulnerabilities. Our inaugural Whiteboard, by media editor Chris Ariens, delves into Yahoo Finance's ambitious livestream of Berkshire Hathaway's annual meeting (Hint: It was CEO Warren Buffet's idea.), chronicling the internet giant's challenges and the ultimate wins for having taken on such a bold endeavor.

Dashboard is essentially an explanatory page focused on a new metric or technology being used in the marketplace, why companies are using it, and the pros and cons of its implementation. It will rotate with Whiteboard and will feature research, sales and marketing executives who are using this data, along with analysts who can provide background and context.

And finally, Talent Pool will profile a new hire with an unusual title and why such a nontraditional role was necessary. Talent Pool will include hires in media, tech and by agencies, marketers, consultancies and vendors. Staff writer Kristina Monllos profiles celebrated sound engineer Gimel "Young Guru" Keaton, who has worked with Jay Z, Common and Alicia Keys, and who, in December, joined Omnicom Group's The Marketing Arm to become the shop's first chief music strategist, a new role for the agency.

We hope these new departments will become important sources of insight and thought leadership and inspire institutional as well as individual entrepreneurship. And ultimately we hope they will help you do your job better as business demands increase and evolve. We're here for you.

This story first appeared in the January 2, 2017 issue of Adweek magazine.

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