Adweek Together: How to Build an Agency During a Crisis

The upside after the downturn

Launching an agency during a recession is certainly difficult—but not impossible.
Headshot of Chris Ariens

One of the things we keep hearing in the midst of the economic crisis brought on by the pandemic is that new ideas, new ways of doing things and whole new enterprises will spring from these dire times.

The same thing happened in 2008 during the Great Recession after entrepreneurs saw the upside following the economic downturn. That’s when Aaron Harvey co-founded Ready Set Rocket, a New York digital agency that works with blue-chip clients in fashion and retail, media and entertainment, CPG and other verticals and produces award-winning digital marketing programs.

Harvey joins us in conversation with community editor Ko Im about how the agency is getting through the current crisis and what we can all learn about resiliency.

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@ChrisAriens Chris Ariens is the managing editor and director of video at Adweek.