Adweek Talent 100: Designers, Photographers, Filmmakers and Other Creatives

Béla Bartók, the renowned Hungarian composer and pianist, proposed that "competitions are for horses, not artists." In fact, we like to think of our annual Talent 100 as not so much a contest but a collection of exceptional work. The best portfolios of designers, photographers, filmmakers and other creatives were determined by visitors to's Talent Gallery and our own editors and creative team. We expect that you'll find the creativity and diversity represented here, from the Pinterest logo to branding for the film The Great Gatsby, as inspiring as we do.



Location: Mexico City
Field: Corporate identity and branding
Work for furniture maker Maderista, according to the firm, “conveys the crafty nature of the brand while embracing its guaranteed high-end quality and class.” (Right) Branding for Caribbean resort Cocolobo renders “a luscious playfulness” and channels a “world of lipstick-loaded kisses and little red dresses.”


Ars Thanea

Location: Warsaw, Poland
Field: Production studio
This work for Young & Rubicam, São Paulo, on behalf of its client the São Paulo Football Club, pictures a fan tearing away his skin to reveal a team jersey. To achieve the surreal special effect, the firm combined photography with some creative retouching and CGI techniques.


Jason Little

Location: Sydney, Australia
Fields: Branding, creative design, typography
For the Aussie outpost of international design firm Landor Associates, creative director Little’s work for client the City of Melbourne sought to convey the diversity, innovation, sustainability and livability the place is known for. Centered around a geometric framework, the identity is as “iconic and multifaceted as the city itself,” says the designer.


Jean-Yves Lemoigne

Location: Paris
Fields: Photography, advertising
This work with Ogilvy Paris for client Perrier won a silver Lion at Cannes. Says Lemoigne: “I think it is the campaign I did with the most [amount] of prep and the most work in post and CGI. It was very challenging to do.” (Right) From a campaign by BETC Paris for TV Canal+ Unlimited VOD. “What is interesting with this campaign is, we did everything on set,” says the photographer. “All the alien hands were on the same mold, so it was quite easy. Almost no postproduction.”


Juan Carlos Pagan

The designer, typographer and art director, one of this year’s Talent 100, is head of design at DDB New York and partner at the Brooklyn-based design studio and type foundry Pagan & Sharp.



Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Fields: Digital design, filmmaking
This stunning video designed to promote the CCTV Documentary Channel is “a digital metaphor of phenomenal blinks and moments that life consists of.” (Trust us: Go to and check out this beauty for yourself.) " I’m very interested in letterforms, and the majority of my work certainly centers around that. I think of it as less of a style and more of an interest or through-line that helps tie my work together."


Like Minded Studio

Location: Sydney, Australia
Fields: Typography, illustration, graphic design
Having worked with an array of global consumer brands including Coca-Cola, Nike and Lexus, the firm this summer cast a spotlight on the release of Warner Bros.’ The Great Gatsby, directed by fellow Aussie Baz Luhrmann. Beyond conventional ads and movie posters, the ambitious marketing push also encompassed Gatsby-branded lines at Tiffany & Co. and Brooks Brothers.


Studio Muti

Location: Cape Town, South Africa; Fields: Illustration, typography, icon design
The firm produced a series of editorial illustrations for the annual summer publication Monocle Mediterraneo; created with FoxP2, a series of posters promoting a cinema chain was inspired by locations from films including Lord of the Rings and The Shining; this cover of the British Airways in-flight magazine riffed on things to do and see in Mozambique’s capital Maputo.


Tomato Kosir

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Fields: Graphic and print design, typography
This designer with the memorable name came up with assorted covers for Objektiv, a weekly section of Slovenia’s second-largest newspaper. Of the project, he says, “I wanted to pass a message that the target group could relate to. That’s why I started to use chips [French fries] as the building element of most of the initial ideas. After finishing my first sketches and photos, I realized the connection of grease and newspaper.” The world’s largest burger chain inspired the red and yellow combination.


Peter Tarka

Location: Wroclaw, Poland
Fields: Graphic design, typography, illustration
(Above) The designer, who has worked with agencies including DDB and Saatchi & Saatchi and brands such as Absolut, Qualcomm and MTV, produces a project each month around a different typographical theme. This particular series focuses on international destinations including New York, London and Berlin.