‘Adweek’ Kicks Off ‘Talent 100’

Gallery will showcase ad industry’s top creative professionals

Buried by the billings-driven structures of the ad industry, creative professionals have long toiled in near anonymity, tweaking layouts and obsessing over copy and video software while clients and agencies take the public credit. That is, if the work ever sees the light of day.

Art directors, copywriters, videographers, and all other creatives: Here's your chance to break free! Introducing the inaugural edition of the Adweek "Talent 100" list, where top creatives from across the increasingly fragmented agency landscape can show off their work.

Here’s how: Sign up now for Adweek's Talent Gallery, powered by Behance, and upload your projects. Fellow Talent Gallery members will have the next two weeks to browse work and vote for their favorites using the Gallery's "Appreciate This" feature. Beginning Aug. 15, Adweek's art directors will choose their 100 favorite members from the most “appreciated” in the gallery. The "Talent 100" will be unveiled on Adweek.com on Sept. 6.

"Creative production has typically been confined to the bowels of agencies or the Rolodexes of headhunters," says Behance founder and CEO Scott Belsky. "Now, with professional networks like Behance, more and more top creatives are able to get exposure and source top clients on their own."

"With 'Talent 100,'" says Belksy, "Behance and Adweek want to shine a much-deserved spotlight on the latest and greatest talent in the industry."

Each member of the "Talent 100" will receive a badge to post to their profiles in Adweek's gallery and on other sites served by the Behance platform. Those ranked in the top 10 will also be featured with their work in Adweek and on Adweek.com.