Adweek Diary

At Bozell Worldwide, A 54-Year Relationship
In this age of fickle clients and agency consolidation, loyalty and commitment are quaint, almost anachronistic terms. Sadly, it’s difficult to find anybody in it for the long haul.
One place to look is inside the print forwarding department at Bozell Worldwide in New York. Print forwarding manager Agnes Larkin, 77, marked her 54th anniversary at the agency in March.
Larkin has been with Bozell since 1934, when she was 23 years old, having originally joined Kenyon & Eckhardt, which ultimately merged with Bozell & Jacobs. Larkin said she has been “married to Bozell” longer than she was married to her husband, who is now deceased. Larkin has always held the same position, and is responsible for placing all print advertisement orders.
“It’s never boring,” said Larkin. “I went from a typewriter and carbon paper to a computer.” Larkin has worked through the wars–and not just the Lorimar buyback in the 1980s or the recent acquisition of BJK&E by True North Communications–but World War II, Vietnam and Korea.

BOOK WORMS: Marian Salzman, director of Young & Rubicam’s Brand Futures Group, and former colleague Ira Matathia will have Next: The Flow of the Future published by HarperCollins this fall. The book looks at “the big nexts,” Salzman said. Melissa Bank, a senior copywriter over at McCann Relationship Marketing, will have The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing published by Viking Penguin next spring. The tome traces a girl’s life from age 14 to 34. Bank said advertising helped her fiction because its fast pace “stopped me from being self-indulgent.”

Family Affair: Scream’s Skeet Ulrich and ER’s Julianna Margulies star in 20th Century Fox’s latest bank robber flick, The Newton Boys. But how many people know that Ulrich is the stepson of Saatchi & Saatchi chairman emeritus Ed Wax and Margulies is the daughter of former Wells Rich Greene copywriter Paul Margulies? In the early 1980s, their parents were part of the same cast at Wells, where Wax was an executive vp and Margulies a senior vp