Adweek Debuts Print Redesign With Super Bowl Issue

Our new playbook

As in football, sticking with a playbook in publishing for too long can have dire consequences. If your routes become obvious, or stale, your competition will either do an end run around you or simply tear your head off at the line of scrimmage.

So with this, our Super Bowl Issue, Adweek introduces a cover-to-cover revamp. (Might as well launch a redesign during advertising's biggest week of the year, right?) A staff-wide effort led by the enterprise and energy of editor Lisa Granatstein and executive creative director Nick Mrozowski, what you see here is a culmination of a makeover that actually began in bits and pieces some six months ago.

Here, you will find that the department formerly known as Front is, in a nod to our buying and selling friends in the video space, restyled as Upfront. Trending Topics is rechristened as Trending, while Voice, Data Points, Mover (formerly First Mover) and Facetime each gets a new look. The unifying mission of it all is to deliver the same great news analysis in a fresh, dynamic and informative package.

We've also added two weekly departments. To serve the industry's fixation on where we do our jobs, Spaces, by senior editor Carrie Cummings, will document cutting-edge digs like the National Football League's Park Avenue headquarters as well as some of the most unique individual workspaces around.

Another new department, Swipe, by staff writer Emma Bazilian, delves into our collective aspirational obsession with gadgets and fashions coveted by everyone from Fortune 500 CMOs to freelance UX designers. The headphones from Beats by Dre and Fendi featured on page 35 are sure to inspire lust. (I'd like a blue pair, please.)

These changes come as Adweek continues to grow at breakneck speed. and our social channels shattered growth records in 2014 and will continue to expand under the watchful eye of David Griner, who was promoted to digital managing editor last fall. The Adweek Blog Network, featuring TVNewser, AgencySpy and seven other sites—previously the assets of Mediabistro, which we acquired last year—are now operating sovereignly under the roof. AdFreak, led by creative editor Tim Nudd, continues to find hilarious and provocative viral gems. And our partnership with a rapidly expanding Clio Awards is creating new and exciting content and events.

All this rests on the mantra that standout design and photography, married to quality reporting and editing, are at our core, and an important brand differentiator in the nearly four years since we combined Adweek, Mediaweek and Brandweek.

Our mission all along has been that Adweek should be as vibrant and creative as the people and businesses we cover, and this redesign continues us on that editorial and creative journey. I hope you'll join us.