Adweek ADSPEND Survey: What Clients Think

As the advertising industry slowly climbs out of its worst recession in more than six decades, the nation’s major advertisers are cautiously increasing their budgets, with network TV being the primary beneficiary, they continue to be preoccupied with sales and competitive activity and are moving increasingly toward pay-for-performance compensation plans.

These are the major findings of the third Adweek/Morgan Anderson Major Marketer Survey. The study, designed by Adweek and Morgan Anderson Consulting and conducted by Mediamark Research, provides a statistically projectable survey of what top advertisers are thinking on a range of topics, including industry trends, spending, media usage and agency compensation. Fielded in September, the study polled about 100 senior-level executives responsible for management of advertising at 58 global marketers. These companies accounted for $18 billion in measured media spending in the U.S. in 2001, according to CMR.

The companies polled represent 10 major categories: e-business/computers/technology; retail; entertainment/publishing; food & beverage; packaged goods; aviation/consumer durables/utilities/oil/gas; automotive; telecommunications; financial services; and pharmaceutical.

Findings for individual questions may add up to more than 100 percent due to rounding, multiple answers provided by some respondents, no answer, “don’t know” or “other” responses.