The Adweek 50

These are the people who make the machinery of media, marketing and technology hum

There are many (some might say too many) lists of power players in business, often studded with names from the worlds on which we report: media, advertising, entertainment, technology and consumer brands.

But here, Murdoch, Moonves and Martha need not apply. The Adweek 50 is not merely a tally of the highest ranking, highest profile, highest paid execs (hasn’t Mark Zuckerberg topped enough lists already?). Rather, here we give props to the muscle men and women, those who won’t necessarily make the cover of Forbes—and many of whom you may have never even heard of—but individuals who are, without question, indispensable to their organizations and key to keeping the wheels of the business spinning.

Here you’ll find buyers and sellers, publishers and editors, programmers and showrunners, account people, recruiters, designers and digirati—even a VP of cookies (Kraft Foods’ Lisa Mann, at No. 12). Some are creators, some are curators, others are moneymakers—but to be sure, they’re all innovators.

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