AdSpace Shops New Mall Metrics

AdSpace Digital Mall Network is hoping to put mall advertising on the same playing field as TV and radio by introducing new audience metrics.

Instead of using Nielsen’s On Location viewing estimates based on traffic counts provided by mall operators, AdSpace is advocating a new metrics model using Scarborough Research’s mall visit estimates as the base.

Since Scarborough reports the number of people visiting malls and frequency of visits, buyers and planners would for the first time have reach and frequency estimates to evaluate mall advertising inventory.

“We want to make mall advertising work for traditional media planners, who buy [radio and TV] based on reach and frequency,” said William Ketcham, evp, chief marketing officer at AdSpace, which began selling mall ads using the new metric model last week.

Historically, ad rates for malls have been based on traffic counts from mall operators, which use varying methodologies. As a result of the lack of standardization, planners often discount estimates. Scarborough’s estimates on average report 9 percent less traffic, but buyers believe it will be more accurate.

“Being able to identify reach of a specific demographic over time allows us to compare the efficiency of [mall advertising] to other major media,” said Christina Radigan, associate director of marketing and communications for the Outdoor Media Group & Outdoor Media Alliance.