Ads Highlight Pacers’ Close Call

CVR MARC uses action from last year’s near-championship season in a new campaign for the Indiana Pacers.

Four TV commercials break this week, featuring “intense” footage of players slamming into each other, shots of cheering fans, even hot-dog vendors plying their trade, said Bryan Hadlock, executive creative director at the Indianapolis shop.

The team’s marketing executives “wanted us to take that energy from last season and remind everyone what it looks, feels, smells and tastes like at a game,” Hadlock said. “There is also just tons of footage of insanity.”

In a 60-second ad, Pacers guard and star player Reggie Miller is seen making a three-point buzzer beater that put the Pacers into overtime in a playoff game against the Nets. An announcer screams, “Yes! Yes! He hit it from 40 feet!”

There is no tagline. Each spot ends with a picture of a waving Pacers’ flag.

Key to the work, Hadlock said, is the sound effects, which were created by sound designer Mar shall Grupp of Sound Lounge in New York.

Originally, the campaign was going to have a music-video theme, but the sound effects of the game experience proved to be more effective, Hadlock said.

Last season’s effort, also from CVR MARC, was shot in black and white and introduced several new players through filmed interviews. The Pacers spent $500,000 in media last year, according to CMR.