Adopting A Good Cause

Chicago Creative Partnership’s new campaign for The Cradle, an adoption agency in Evanston, Ill., was a true labor of love for creative director Kevin Houlihan.
A father of three adopted children, Houlihan said creating the campaign hit close to home. “It’s been a partnership that’s important to me, both personally and professionally,” he said.
A new 60-second TV spot features the true story of a birth mother who used The Cradle to find a loving family for her son, Shamus. The Cradle’s counselors helped the teenager place her son with a family that could give him everything she couldn’t. “When I get the letters and pictures, I feel he’s still my boy,” the woman says. The spot is tagged, “Adoption isn’t an easy decision. It’s a loving one.”
Over its 75-year history, The Cradle has placed more than 13,000 infants with families. George Burns, Al Jolson, Glenn Miller, Donna Reed, Pearl Buck and Gayle Sayers are among the famous in various walks of life who have become adoptive parents with the agency’s help.
–Aaron Baar