AdMob Serves Up Clickable Video Ad

In an attempt to make mobile ads more interactive and viral, AdMob today announced a video ads on iPhone apps that include click-through options to visit company Web sites or share the ads on Twitter of Facebook.

In a demo for the ad for Electronic Arts’ Madden 10 game, for instance, users are able to click on the video to go to Amazon, where they could buy it. Jason Spero, general manager for North America for AdMob, said the video will either pop up as an interstitial before an app launches or behind a banner ad.

Spero declined to say who is using the ad unit, though at least one is launching this week. He said there’s been “very strong” interest from the entertainment industry, autos and fast food. Universal McCann executes those buys. Though the demo doesn’t include it, he said that some ads will have buttons to follow the brand on Twitter or to post a comment on the brand’s Facebook page or they could reTweet the ad or post it on a Facebook page. “It’s pretty darn flexible,” said Nicole Leverich, a rep for AdMob.

Users also have the option to skip the video ad. Most consumers will likely employ that. Spero said the click-through rate for mobile ads is 1 percent, which is “dramatically higher” than online ads.

AdMob is in the process of being bought by Google for $750 million.

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