Admine Begets Sparky’s Garage

Admine co-founder Bill Replogle has left the online advertising recycling service to form Sparky’s Garage.

“We decided to spin off Admine’s creative department a few months ago,” said Replogle. “It lowers the burn rate at Admine, and allows us to go out and make money the old-fashioned way.”

The Garage, a creative boutique operating out of an abandoned church in Leesburg, Va., handles project work for clients such as Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and the American Cancer Society.

Admine art director John Pfeifer, copywriter David Waldman, editor Bob Tyskowski and a handful of Web designers have joined Replogle, who calls himself “chief mechanic.”

The shop, fully autonomous of Admine, offers a full array of creative services. “Admine’s concept is in place,” said Replogle. “Now it’s all about sales and raising money.”

Admine in Herndon, Va., is de-signed to offset the industry’s “inefficiencies by reintroducing ads sitting idle in agency archives to local and regional markets” [Adweek, Nov. 20, 2000]. At the same time, it generates additional income for clients, agencies and freelancers who want to give their ads a second life.

Replogle began his career at Arnold in the 1980s, went on to found Rainmaker, a creative firm in Washington, D.C., before starting Admine with entrepreneur Wayne Stephens and industry veteran David Abramson.

“I’m a creative,” Replogle said. “And the Garage is a SWAT team of creative grease monkeys.”