ADK Changes Name to Krueger

John Krueger said he always wanted to run his own shop, but he didn’t think it was likely to happen if he joined a large international agency network.

The 38-year-old creative director left Fraser Communications recently to join the Los Angeles office of ADK Worldwide, part of the WPP network, which also includes J. Walter Thompson and Ogilvy & Mather. Shortly after he was named ADK’s president and chief creative officer, the 20-year-old shop switched its name to Krue ger/ADK. More recently, the name was shortened simply to Krueger.

“It has been a sleepy little agency, but now we are ready to grow,” said Krueger. “We are already starting to pick up more and more new business.”

The shop’s CEO, Shinya Miyata, 56, said that he plans to step down within the next few years and wanted to ensure the shop’s continuity. He noted that Krue ger was a clear choice for the top slot.

“John is a creative genius, and he also has great experience and great contacts,” said Miyata.

The shop claims approximately $40 million in billings and has about 25 employees. Its clients include Pentel Pens, Fuji data storage, Asahi beer and Glendale Memorial Hospital. Miyata said he expects the shop to hit the $100 million mark within the next four years and boost its staff to about 60.