For Adidas Originals, 10 Artists Present Their Vision of What the Future Might Look Like

Displays in New York and L.A. support brand's campaign

Adidas is hosting art exhibits in New York and Los Angeles this week aimed at sparking conversation around its "Future" campaign for Adidas Originals. 

The brand's "Future Capsule" was on display at the New Museum in New York on Tuesday, and on Thursday, it will be at The Seventh Letter in L.A. The show features work from 10 artists—Mars, Eric Hu, Yung Jake, Mischa Khan, Arvida Bystrom, Phillip Annand, Caleb Hanne, Nick Thomm, Lucia Santina Ribisi and Emmanuel Olunkwa—who offer their interpretations of what the future could look like.

"Future Capsule" features a collection of mixed-media artwork including photography, painting, digital art and soundscapes as well as an immersive video experience in which visitors are asked to complete the statement, "My Future is … ." The responses are compiled in video footage Adidas plans to release later this year.

"The hype around Originals is real, and we want to continue delivering products and experiences that contribute to furthering streetwear culture," said Adidas Originals director of brand communications Brandon Beaty, who noted that the event drew a large crowd in New York. "We're collaborating with young creators to deliver meaningful moments meant to evoke memories that are shareable to future generations."

Adidas Originals' "Future" campaign launched in January with an edgy video from creative agency Johannes Leonardo featuring four brand influencers—lifestyle blogger and model Aleali May, Cleveland Cavaliers' Iman Shumpert, singer and DJ Kyu Steed and artist Design Butler—breaking away from a bleak dystopian future to build their own worlds. 

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